Young As We Are Now

When Jess moves to Australia with her Dad, she imagines that it will be as easy to finish her education as when she was in England. However, thanks to a certain blonde teenage musician, it seems that she'll have more on her mind than school. Luke H x OC, vaguely based on their high school careers.


2. Temporary vacation

      It had taken less than an hour for Jess to change into a pair of shorts and a breezy top, her bikini hiding underneath, and explained briefly to her Dad what was going on before she left the new house, her phone and other essentials stuffed into a beach bag with her towel.

      The walk to the beach was relatively quick and the brunette soon found herself facing a stretch of clean, white sand that clashed against the lazy, blue waves. Jess had expected the spot to be busy, but it seemed as if the entire population of Sydney had collected there to welcome her. It would be a miracle if she found Michael within the hour and the girl's vision of spending the day with her old friend vanished as soon as it had appeared thirty minutes ago. Maybe we should meet somewhere else? She texted him, her words screaming of hopeless doubt. No need, he retorted quickly, I'm right behind you. And sure enough, as the teen turned, a boy with lime green hair and an excited smirk stood before her. She squealed and hugged him tightly before pulling away.

      "Oh my God, it's been ages! How's life? How many times have you died your hair this year? When-" "Calm down, Jess, I've been fine, how're you? Since when were you moving to Sydney?!" he replied.

      "Oh well... That's not important. What is important is you telling me everything that has happened within the last few months," she ordered, her expression becoming playfully moody as she added,

      "You stopped messaging me." "Aw, I'm sorry. I got into a bit of trouble at school and you just slipped my mind, I guess. It's not like you tried to message me though, was it, so you're just as much as fault," Michael countered.

      "I suppose I'll have to make up for it too, then," she grinned. The two then sat on the soft beach floor and chattered on about what they had been doing since they lost contact, though Jess left out a lot about her home life and Michael, in return, made up a lot of his school life, unbeknownst to his friend. Finally, the subject turned once again to focus on Jess' abrupt arrival in Australia.

      "My Dad's here with me, he's up at the house right now, though I'm sure he'll be off to work again soon," she sighed. "So," Michael began in an hasty attempt to brighten up the dampened mood, "Do you know what school you'll be going to now?" "It's a college, in the surburbs a couple of hours away. Um... I always forget the name... Riverside? Riverock? River-" "Riverstone?" "That's the one! Do you know it, too?" she inquired,

      "It's a Christian College." "Norwest? I go there!" Michael almost leapt out of his seat, which was little more than a dent in the sand, as he exclaimed this loudly. "Really?" Jess gasped. "Yeah. I didn't know you were Christian?" "I'm not. My Dad is always busy and it's the best boarding school in the area," she explained briefly, "I wasn't under the impression that you were particularly religious either." "Well, I'm not, but my parents are. I don't know why I asked, though, it's not just a Christian school. I mean, yeah, it's Norwest Christian College but you don't have to be-" "Yeah," Jess snorted, "That's obvious from their webpage." "Are you boarding, then?" Michael grinned.

      "Yes. Aren't you?" "Nah, I live close enough to get home by train." "Well, I'm going home every Friday to spend the weekends at home. Maybe we can get the train together?" Jess was staring into the rippling waters before them and fiddling with the handle of her beach bag absent-mindedly but her eyes held a hopeful shine that Michael didn't miss and he smiled. "Course. Well, you might want to be careful, I sit with some friends from a nearby school that aren't very popular at Norwest," he warned. Jess nodded slightly, though a look of uncertainty was plastered on her face as she glimpsed among the many crowds littering the shore.

      At last, her azure orbs rested on the daredevils who had decided to try jet-skiing, specifically a single teenager who was skidding along the waves at a much more fiersome speed than the rest. His shouts of glee could be heard over the general noise of the beach and, even though he was so far from the sand, Jess could just about make out his lean figure and messy golden blonde hair.

      "Look at that idiot," she pointed out, "He's going to get himself killed." "You mean Luke Hemmings?" Michael said, "I wouldn't get into an argument with him if I were you." "Why not? Anyone with that much disregard for the rules deserves to be brought down a peg," Jess growled, "Is he any better at school?" "Not really, no. Most people think he's a bit of a player, though the real playboy is his friend, Calum. He hates the whole idea of rules, really, thinks of them more as guidelines that he can ignore. Our school's very strict so when he's not playing pranks, flirting with girls or attending parties, you can find him in detention," Michael explained.

      "Then how do you get away with such... Vibrant hair, Mikey?" Jess joked, nudging his shoulder. "Oh, I wash it out before the year starts. New colour every summer, though." They continued to talk a little while longer before the brunette couldn't stand the sweltering heat and removed her shorts and top to reveal a plain black bikini.

      Swimming lazily in the shallower waves, the two relaxed. After a while, however, Michael decided that he had spent too long without his video games and left promptly to return to FIFA. As Jess, now towelled and content, laid back onto the soft and uneven ground beneath her, she glanced once again at the rebellious teen that was now high-fiving a boy with black hair and Kiwi skin. She rolled her irises and turned away, though she was sure that as she stood, Jess was sure that the blonde himself glimpsed at her.

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