Young As We Are Now

When Jess moves to Australia with her Dad, she imagines that it will be as easy to finish her education as when she was in England. However, thanks to a certain blonde teenage musician, it seems that she'll have more on her mind than school. Luke H x OC, vaguely based on their high school careers.


4. I don't even like you, why'd you want to go and make me feel this way

       It was that bad. Before they had even arrived at their homeroom, which thankfully they shared, a few of the students glanced at the two and whispered, turning their attention quickly to something else if the pair caught them staring. The teacher, Mrs Mars, lazily introduced Jess as the new student before slumping back onto her swiveling chair, leaving the teens to chat.

       This turned out badly. The students who had been whispering seemed to share their ideas and theories with everyone else and, as the brunette and her friend waited for the bell to ring, eyes slid in their direction. Jess and Michael were relieved as the bell rang and they could set off to their first class: Music. However, it turned out that this wasn't much of an improvement. In fact, things got worse when they opened the door and the chatting dimmed extensively as heads turned.

      Jess' eyes narrowed when she saw a certain blonde sitting on a table next to Callum. He smirked at her, muttering something in the latter boy's ear. Ignoring them both as Callum turned, Jess sat next to Michael and began chatting to him. Soon enough, everyone was talking again, though most seemed to be more interested in the new student than what they were previously gossiping about.

" Luke hasn't stared at someone like that since Mollie" Michael whispered

"Whos mollie" jess asked 

" his first girlfriend, they went out for two years untill she cheated on him with the most popular boy in school" 

"I had no idea"

Could jess actually start feeling sorry for luke. She turned her head to see luke staring at her, he blushed and turned away quickly. Jess loved his eyes whenever she saw them she just imagined floating away in the sea, from all the chaos of life. 

"Now your staring" Michael giggled 

Jess`s checks turned red. Could jess really be falling for Luke she barely new him. She only knew he was talented and every girl for some reason wanted to date him. What was so special about luke, and she would find out. 

hi guys hope you like the story so far leave any comments about the story of things you like and don't. Thanks for reading :) 

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