Young As We Are Now

When Jess moves to Australia with her Dad, she imagines that it will be as easy to finish her education as when she was in England. However, thanks to a certain blonde teenage musician, it seems that she'll have more on her mind than school. Luke H x OC, vaguely based on their high school careers.


1. How Did I End Up Here

Hello everyone! This is my first fanfiction ever. It is a collaboration with AspiringAuthor13 from, but don't expect to find 5sos fanfic on her profile, she writes Avengers and Spiderman. We are English so any difference in spelling or use of words is probably because of that.

Disclaimer: I don't own 5sos, unfortunately, but I do own the story and my OC.

Chapter 1 - How Did I End Up Here

A girl with light brown hair that flowed past her shoulders and bounced as she moved cautiously approached a gleaming white door that was firmly attached to a large modern house. Her ocean blue eyes narrowed as it opened to reveal a pristine, untouched lounge, leading to a kitchen that was filled to the brim with utensils.

"Jess, come and help with the bags," a tired voice called from behind her and she whipped her head around to notice her father struggling to carry three large suitcases at once. Her eyes widened in surprise and she grinned as she returned to the sleek silver car to help.

"Don't you think the house is a little... Big, Dad?" Jess queried doubtfully, "It's only the two of us now and-"

"Your mother will come to visit," he interrupted before his expression softened, "Why don't you unpack upstairs? You can pick your own room while I call your mother."

The teenager grabbed her own case and hauled it up the shiny marble staircase that ran along the white-painted wall of the lounge. Inspecting each room hastily before settling for a small yet cosy space with sky-blue walls and a cream carpet, she set her bag on the plain bed, noting that she would have to replace the dull furnishings, including the cover and curtains. After she had swiftly organized her possessions into their rightful places, the brunette decided to descend the stairs and greet her Dad, who was arranging the kitchen. She slipped onto a countertop and sighed to declare her boredom.

"You can't be bored already. We just got here!" her Dad remarked exasperatedly, closing the cupboard he had been filling with a snap.

"It's just that the house seems pretty similar to our old one in England," she shrugged.

"Well, why don't you go to the beach and enjoy the weather? We certainly didn't have that in London," he said appreciatively, obviously enjoying the blazing sun and cloudless sky that Sydney offered.

"I don't have any friends. Who would I have to go to the beach with?" Jess huffed.

"What about that Michael? You know, the one you met at Comic-Con last year? You still have his number and he lives in Sydney," her Dad proposed.

"He's probably forgotten me by now," Jess muttered, looking away from the man and towards the open front door.

"You were messaging him just a few months ago," he laughed, "I doubt very much that he has forgotten you."

His booming laughter caused a reluctant smile to play at her lips and she picked up her phone.

Hey, I know we haven't spoken in a while but I just moved to Sydney and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? She wrote.

Hi! Of course, what about Palm Beach? He replied swiftly.

Sorry if it's a little short, I promise the next one will be longer. Just to make sure, this IS a Luke x OC, Michael is just a friend. It's vaguely based on their time in high school. By the way, the name of each chapter will be a 5sos lyric reference.

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