Young As We Are Now

When Jess moves to Australia with her Dad, she imagines that it will be as easy to finish her education as when she was in England. However, thanks to a certain blonde teenage musician, it seems that she'll have more on her mind than school. Luke H x OC, vaguely based on their high school careers.


8. He's kinda hot

Soz for late update hope you like the story so far. I appreciate your reads and believe the 5sod FAM should stick together.x

3 long days past,15 agonizingly slow lessons and 30 glances at the boy who never realised she was emersed at his beauty, all jess could ever think about was looking into his dreamy eyes and wondering if he was thinking about her too. This was the first time she had ever got butterflies around a boy, every time he walked past her she could feel her heart pumping in her chest, and now was her moment, the end of school where luke 's mum was gonna give her a lift to his house so that they could practise there passions together. She got nervous just thinking about it, would she act too keen or would she scare him away.
    Jess carried her body up the winding stairs to her crowded room to get her stuff for the weekend. She stared at the room as if she knew something would be different when she came back. Jess grabbed her purple backpack and walked to the door to go meet Luke at the entrance to the school.
      Her eyes glimmered as she saw Luke's back through the door to the entrance, jess opened the door slowly, so not to atrract to much attention to her.
 "Oh hey Luke" jess said casually not to seem desperate.
 "Hey Jess my dad will be here in 5 minutes"
 "Oh cool, are you sure you dad said it was fine that I come round"
 "Oh yeah my dads the nice one its my mum who's over protective of me"
 Jess was shocked she thought that his parents would be laid back like her parents. Maybe thats why he acts like a rebel in class because hes not allowed to do it at home. Every second jess found out something new about Luke which made her like him more.
    5 minutes later a car rolled up that was white and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years, but didn't want to act rude or like a brat because she didn't like it when people acted like that. Jess pulled the door open, but it took some force because the handle was a bit rusty. When she finally got in, she sat behind Luke who was next to his Dad.
    Luke's dad looked around in his 40s and had short dark brown hair that just went past his ear.
 "Oh thanks for inviting me round, the only friend I really have at the moment is Michael because we met at comic con, don't get me wrong he's a great friend but I just want to widen my circle, if you know what i mean"
 "I know what you mean, Luke only ever brings round calum after Mollie left, hes usually around every week"
 Luke's dad spoke as if he's said all the words before and was rehearsing a play.
 "Oh I was sorry to hear about Mollie I had not idea, you too even dated"
 "Yh after she broke up with me, she acted as I no longer existed as if she was better of without me"
 Jess was stunned at how sad Luke had gotten all of a sudden as if his dad had really hit a nerve
 "Were only about 10 minutes away, Luke only goes to a boarding school because he can't stabd to be around us"
 "Thats not true I just like my own space, where I'm not constantly interrogated."
 "Oh I surpose I've never really had that because I just live with my dad now because of his job"
 "Oh I had no idea, I'm sorry" Luke sounded genuinely sad for me as if sorry he hadn't asked, about this before.
 " its fine it was my decision to move here anyway, me and my dad get along better and a fancied a change of scenery.
 Luke and his Dad chuckled, Jess smiled, she finally felt like she fitted in somewhere and people actually wanted her there and couldn't wait to see where he had grown up to he such a hot, caring and understanding guy.

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