Written in 2011. First fic I ever wrote.
-Harry and Draco's hatred all collide in one heated night. Harry's confused; he doesn't know what happened, but he knows one thing. He can't stop thinking about Draco.


1. What happened

How did it end up like this? I really don’t know - I don’t have a clue, at all! All these years of intense hatred… Ended up like this?

I was walking down the hall, towards the great hall, with Ron and Hermione on each side of me. But my head, my mind… was far away… On the seventh floor, in the ‘Room of Requirements’.

A  warning siren sounded in my head, as my thoughts move closer in, on what had happened.

“Right, Harry?” Snap! I haven’t heard anything of what Hermione said, just paid attention, when I heard her, mention my name.

“…Yes! Of cause, sure!” Well, now I can just hope that she won’t feel, or hear, that I have NO clue, what she was saying.

“Did you even listen, Harry?” Damn it!

“… You want me to honest now? I have absolutely NO idea, what you just said… Sorry…”

“Harry.  Look at me!” I slowly turned, to face her, Ron following as I turn, to not stand behind my back, left a bit out. “What’ve happened to you?  Lately you’ve acted kinda… odd…” She noticed?

“It’s nothing… Really! I’m just nervous for the next Quidditch game.”

I wish she’d believe me… but she won’t… and I know that! But…

“Okay… If you say so…” Well, at least she’s letting me off the hook, for now.

We walked for a moment, in silence, before…

“Ey, Potter!” That voice, gave me the chills! And I started to tremble slightly. “Scared I might knock you off your broom today?”

I slowly turned to look at him, as he came walking, towards us, with his two thick friends following, in his heels.

“You wish, Malfoy!” Why can’t I stop shaking? He will notice if I can’t stop soon… They will all notice!

“Oh yeah?” He was standing right in front of me now, not many inches away from me; and god knows I had to use ALL my strange to not, throw myself at him, kissing him deeply. “Well I think…!”

“Malfoy! Potter!” Oh god no! Well at least it was McGonagall, finding us this time, while killing each other.

“Yes, professor McGonagall…?” I said, looking over at our teacher, still very well aware of Draco being inches away from me.

“You two, should be in the great hall, eating, to get some energy, for the big game later.” Well at least she didn’t take any of our housepoints, for verbal violence, in the hallway! “As for you; Crabbe, Goyle, Granger and Weasley!” She looked from Crabbe and Goyle, to Ron and Hermione; “Will you now, please, tear Potter and Malfoy apart and get them with you into the great hall, to get something to eat! Now, get in the great hall, and eat!”

“Yes professor!” Hermione and Ron turned around and started to walk off, as I cast a last glance at Draco Malfoy, before turning, to follow my two friends.

As we entered the hall, and walked towards the Gryffindor table, I looked over my shoulder to see Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, enter the hall too, followed by McGonagall, who walked up to the teacher’s table.

“Harry?” Ron’s voice.

“Sorry, what?” I tore my eyes off Draco, and turned to look at Ron.

“Come on, we have to get something to eat, before the game!” Just then, I realized I had stopped, and just stood there, looking at Draco.

“Oh… Yeah…!”

Hermione shot me an odd look, before she made her way to some empty seats at the Gryffindor table. Ron and I followed; and we all sat down.

Why is it that Draco seems so unaffected, by what happened to us? It’s not like it was something that happens to two boys… and then in our situation… every single day. I can’t just have been… Nothing… It was something…! Wasn’t it?

I sat, once again, deep in thoughts, at the table, playing with my food, not really in the mood for eating.

The warning siren sounded in my head, once again, but my thoughts kept wandering, as Hermione and Ron talked and ate. They got closer and closer. The siren got louder. As my thoughts got closer to the subject, I could almost feel his breath in my face, and his hands all over me.

“HOLY FU… Ron, you scared the crap out of me! Warn me before touching me, out of nowhere!” Ron had reached out and gently patted my arm.

“Um… I’m sorry? But you didn’t respond, when we talked to you…”


“Well… Um… We’re just saying that we’re getting up… We have to go to the Quidditch field; and you do too, to get ready for the match!” While he spoke, he and Hermione had risen from their seats. I rose too, and together we walked down to the field.

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