Written in 2011. First fic I ever wrote.
-Harry and Draco's hatred all collide in one heated night. Harry's confused; he doesn't know what happened, but he knows one thing. He can't stop thinking about Draco.


7. The note

On my way to my class, charms, I walked in between Hermione and Ron, who was talking together, over my head, as I was, once again, lost in thoughts. I had had a terrible day and night, after I had been standing on that banister; and, oh, how ashamed I felt for even stepping up there. But the time passes by, with each breath. I just had to stand through this.

I lifted my head from where I have been looking at my feet, and glanced down the hall. My eyes suddenly spotted a head in the crowd, covered with that pretty white hair.

As Draco got closer; he was going the opposite way to another class than ours, I started to be able to distinguish his features. His pale and marked face got clearer and clearer; soon I was able to see his beautiful blue-grey eyes.

We kept walking, to get to our class and soon Draco was right in front of us; He only stopped for one single comment; “Who let you out of that hospital bed, Potter? Everything was so… Nice! when you were in there!” He’s eyes was shining with something I couldn’t quite identify when he looked at me, before pushing his way through, in between Ron and I; and bumped my shoulder on the way.

“Pathetic little creep!” Hermione grumbled, as Draco had made his way through. We all turned our heads to look at him each of us with different expressions on our faces.

Why did Draco have to be like this? I really didn’t get it! Couldn’t he… Just realize that we should be… Not together… but… Well… Okay, yes; together! But yet he just wouldn’t see it and he would probably never let himself understand, that we should be, anyways.

What I mean is… we were, like… all down and dirty… Warning siren… back then? Then why was he being such a jerk now? I thought that… Maybe… After all that happened… With us, he would maybe… Just… At least stop being such a jerk?

We walked through the doors and into the class; Professor Flitwick wasn’t there yet (Thank god.), so Hermione and Ron kept talking, as I kept thinking about why Draco still seemed like he couldn’t stand the sight of me, after… You know… everything…

Hermione, Ron and I made our way to our seats and sat. Ron sitting in between Hermione and me.

When I sat, I sighed deeply in annoyance, put my things down on the desk; and I noticed a slip of paper, stung into my book between the pages.

I took the paper out, wondering what it could be. Then I unfolded it in my hands, covering a bit for my classmate’s sights. I was not sure if it was something I wanted Ron and Hermione to know about.

It was a note. A note from… I looked confused down at the paper.

What the heck…?

That really couldn’t be true! And then again… Maybe it could…



We need to talk!

I am not going to apologize for anything here.

Meet me tonight, in the Room of

Requirements at 10 pm.

We need to talk.

D. M.


Well this wasn’t confusing at all! Just kidding; what the hell was this all about?

Well, I was getting a bit annoyed about this, because seriously, he’d been acting all jerk-like… And now he wants to… TALK!?

My face heating up a bit, I’m sure, thinking about what we had done in that room… Just the two of us… And now we were about to go there… Alone… Again…

“Harry?” Hermione had reached over Ron to pat my arm. “Are you okay? Your face is all read? You’re not sick, are you?” She looked at me with a worried expression on her face.

I opened my mouth to say something, shaking my head, that was when; “Good morning Class!” Flitwick’s voice shot through my brain; and I was brutally pulled back to reality (My brain had still been far away, even though Hermione had talked to me)… I now had to go through this whole day… Thinking about what Draco… Who even said it was Draco? Well who else would it be…? –wanted to talk about… Well it wasn’t actually that hard to guess… But I could never be sure about what it was, about that night, he wanted to talk about. Which was just… Great…

I let my head drop and rested my chin on my fist, looking at Flitwick and just wished to fall asleep and not wake up again before this nightmare of a situation was sorted out.

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