Written in 2011. First fic I ever wrote.
-Harry and Draco's hatred all collide in one heated night. Harry's confused; he doesn't know what happened, but he knows one thing. He can't stop thinking about Draco.


4. The dream

“Harry?” I opened my eyes and looked up, at Draco, who slowly entered the room, with his eyes, constantly locked, with mine.

“Draco… Please!” He looked at me with a gentle glimpse in his eye.

“Yes, dear?” Draco took one step closer, still looking me in the eyes, before I took a glance to the side, to find, that Luna wasn’t there, by my bedside anymore. I must’ve slept a bit then.

I looked back to Draco; “Please… Come over here, please!” I moved to only fill half of the hospital bed and patted on the new-made space, on the bed.

Draco smirked at me, before making his way over the floor, to my bed. He sat down on the bed, looking down at me, with his smirk, still patched on his lips.

Only looking was getting too much for me. I wasn’t able to resist him more, my body was aching to touch him, to taste him; so I lifted myself up, on my elbow, grasped his neck, with my hand on the other arm,  and pulled him in, for a deep, rough kiss, controlled by my desire.

Draco scooted closer, turning me to lie on my back on the bed and pushed the comforter on the floor, as he placed himself on top of me.

A glimpse of a smirk trailed over Draco’s face, before he leaned in, kissing me roughly, standing with a hand on each side of my head and a knee on each side of my hips.

I let my hands slide down Draco’s sides and settled them on his hips; pulling him down, to straddle my lap and I felt that he was just as excited as I was.

I rested my hands on his hips a while, until he deepened the kiss even more; where I slipped my hand around him and grasped his ass.

“Fuck!” He groaned, as he surprised pulled away from my lips, earning a whimper from me, looking down at me, with the lust shining in his eyes.

Draco began to slowly rock his hips, grinding our erections together; and leaned down to me again, crashing our lips together.

I heard myself let out a deep moan in the back of my throat and felt Draco smile into the kiss.

It wasn’t long before Draco shifted to lean his weight on one arm, sliding the other over my torso, down to the rim of my shirt, slipping his hand up under my shirt, searching for my pants; sliding his hands inside, palming me through my boxers.

We were both too lost in the joy and the fire, we didn’t realize before it was too late.

“Draco…” It came as a whisper. “Harry!” Louder, almost a yell.

I gasped and surprised snapped my eyes open; and found myself looking up in the face of Madam Pomfrey.

I could still feel Draco on top if me and his hands on my body, his lips on mine, from the dream, Pomfrey had just torn me out off.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Potter, I didn’t mean to scare you; I just wanted you to know, that you’re free to leave. You are… So to say; recovered.”  She smiled at me, turned around and left.

I reached out for my glasses on the bedside table, put them on my nose. I sat up in the bed and looked around the room.

Before turning around and put my feet on the ground, into my shoes. I cooled myself after my dream. They were usually never so… Realistic… Or so to say; it keeps getting harder and harder to live with.

I got up with shaking hands and walked out from the hospital-wing; towards the great hall.

In silence and deep thoughts, the warning siren sounding in my head all the time, I walked from the hospital-wing on the second floor to the ground floor and the great hall.

When I entered the Hall, I looked around, finding that people was eating their lunch and my eyes landed on Draco, for a split second, sending the chills through my body, before my eyes searched down the Gryffindor table, for Ron and Hermione.

I spotted them in the crowd and walked towards them, using all my strength to not look at Malfoy. That would hurt too much for me.

Hermione looked up from her conversation with Ron and her face lit up in a bright smile when she saw me.

“Harry!” She rose as I finally got over there and send both of them a smile, not quite sure if it reached my eyes.

Hermione and I sat down; Ron did already sit. I got something to eat, as I listened to them, telling me what they have been doing, while I wasn’t with them, the past two days.

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