Written in 2011. First fic I ever wrote.
-Harry and Draco's hatred all collide in one heated night. Harry's confused; he doesn't know what happened, but he knows one thing. He can't stop thinking about Draco.


10. Skipping classes

“Harry, you can’t just keep up sitting in your bed all day, following Malfoy around on that map!” Ron said, standing in the door to de dorm, with Hermione by his hide, carefully not to have her too close when I was around. I suppose they didn’t want me to get jealous when they had each other and the one I wanted had broken my heart. Rather sweet thought though.

“Oh, I can’t? Well it has been working so far!” I said, without looking up from the Marauder’s map, where I was, indeed, watching carefully where Draco was going, not really caring about anything else on the map.

”But you’re missing classes!” Hermione protested and took a step further into the room.


“Yes, classes where I would have to sit and know Draco’s there, but not be able to even look at him, without getting my hear ripped out, all over again!” I said, looking up and sending her a faint smile that I was convinced, didn’t reach my eyes, at all.

“We just want to help, Harry! You don’t have to get sarcastic.” Ron crossed his arms over his chest as he said this and frowned at me.

“Just want help you get through this!” Was all Hermione managed to say, though she looked like she really wanted me to understand that they were right. But I just couldn’t help it, my brain simply denied to understand that. Well… Maybe it was my heart, denying, I couldn’t be sure.

“But guess what! You can’t!” I knew that was a bit cruel, when they really wanted to help, but it was true. “No one can! The only thing that could make me better would be for Draco, stepping through that door and telling me, that he wants me… But like that’s gonna happen! He’s on his way to the ‘come-and-go’ room again…” I scoffed at myself. “On the other hand, I’m not sure if I would even want him to say that, he almost killed my heart, to just leave it bleeding. I don’t know if I can forget him for what he did!” I had tears in my eyes when I finished the sentence and I soon felt one single tear falling down my cheek.

“I understand that, Harry, I really do!” Hermione said and walked over to sit on my bedside. “But you can’t let him get you down so easily! You’ve skipped classes for a week!” Her eyes were soft and I knew she cared, when she reached out her hand and wiped away that single tear on my cheek.

“But he DID get me down! And the cla… -”

“Mr. Potter? I didn’t see you in class today? Or any of my other classes this week? I thought you might be sick. But I see you’re not.” McGonagall had stepped into the room and now stood over at the door, where Ron had moved from his spot, against the doorframe, to let her through.

I sat up more up in the bed, when I saw my headmaster of his house, standing in the door, looking at me and asking about my skipping classes. ‘Well crap…’ I thought to myself.

“I… I… Um…” Was all I could manage to say at that moment.

McGonagall gave me a strict look. “You what, Mr. Potter?” She asked.

“I haven’t really felt well… Um… But… I –I –I feel a lot better now… I will, for sure, be on my feet again in a couple of days!” I tried, hoping she’d buy it. But, well, she wasn’t stupid.

“Come with me.” She only said before turning around and walking off.

Suddenly I was in a hurry, to get up from bed, slip on some shoes and jog towards the door, to follow my teacher. “I’ll see you guys” I said, rather loudly, to my friends, in my rush out of the dorm.

I almost ran down the stairs, to keep up with McGonagall, who was now almost out of the portrait whole. I though managed to get up at her side, out on the stairs, though I was walking half behind her when we reached the end of that stair, walking against another one we obviously had to go down.

That was when I looked to the side and saw the one person; I wouldn’t want to see, walking on another staircase. My heart was almost stopped crying to relax a little, but now it was stomped on again and the pain was unbearable. I crimped at the sight and the pain. ‘You don’t know how much it hurts!’ I thought when I saw him disappearing up to the seventh floor. That was the moment when I started to wonder why Draco had kept walking up there. He hadn’t done it the first two days after… That day… But after stat, he had gone up there, at each choice he’d get. I was a little weird.

“Mr. Potter?” I looked up at McGonagall who was standing on the edge of the staircase and looked at me. Once again I realized that I had stopped walking, in the middle of nothing, to just stare at Draco, who just now was disappearing around a corner.

“Oh… Um… I’m sorry, I…” I didn’t say more, I just started walking again and when I reached the edge of the staircase too, McGonagall shot me a concerned look, before she turned and walked forward again, making me follow.

It wasn’t until we stood in front of the big gargoyle, guarding the entrance to the headmaster’s office, she stopped walking. “Dumbledore will be waiting for you.” She said, before speaking out the password, making the gargoyle start to turn upwards, followed by the steps of a spiral staircase. I send McGonagall one last look that she answered with a nod, before I stepped up on one of the steps, letting the stairs themselves, take me most of the way, up to the office, before I stepped off, right outside the office of Albus Dumbledore.

I pushed the door open and slit into the office. I gazed around the room, before my eyes landed on Fawkes, beautiful as ever. I stepped over and stroked over his pretty feathers.

“Oh, Hello Harry!” I snapped my head up by the sound of Dumbledore’s voice and saw that he’d appeared on the top of the stairs, in the back of the room. He walked against the little stair down from where he’d appeared, stopping at the end of the stair and looked at me over his half moon glasses. “How are you?”

“I… Uh… I’m okay, sir.” I tried my best to hide the fact, that I actually wasn’t okay, at all. Because, even though I usually didn’t feel unable to tell Dumbledore about why problems, this was just a bit too personal. It would be like… I don’t know…? Telling Molly Weasley about my sexual debut… That would just be extremely awkward!

“Ah. Well you should remember to attend your classes then, Harry.” The old man said, as he walked over to his desk and let himself drop down on the chair behind it.

I let my hand slide over the feathers on Fawkes’ body, before I turned around to look at my headmaster. “Yes. I’m sorry about that. I have had so much to do… I…” I tried to figure out something to say, but I was completely blank.

“You know. When I have problems, I intend to go to the source and solve them.” He said in a low voice, but made sure to do it just loud enough for me to hear. “Sometimes it is hard to do. I look it all over, with new eyes. Usually I find a way to solve it all.” Dumbledore said as he flipped through some papers on his desk.

“Excuse me, what, Professor?” I asked him, a little confused.

“What?” The old man said and looked up from his papers, making it clear that I was not to ask, but just accept what he’d said, and understand it myself. “Haven’t you got something to do? Off you go!” He finished, waving me off.

“Yes. Thank you professor.” I whispered before turning around and leaving the office, thinking about what he had said to me. The source? Draco. I thought, walking down the stairs, from the office. But… Looking it all over… A new way to solve it? I was really confused and it wasn’t before I was almost back to the commons, before a thought hit me like a lightening.

I started to run the last stairs up to the common. The map! Of cause!

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