Written in 2011. First fic I ever wrote.
-Harry and Draco's hatred all collide in one heated night. Harry's confused; he doesn't know what happened, but he knows one thing. He can't stop thinking about Draco.


2. Quidditch

Draco maneuvered his broom smoothly away from a Bludger and ended up, in the same air level as me, but in the other end of the field.

“The quaffle is rushing in high speed over the field!” Lee Jordan yelled, commentator as he was. “Gryffindors Katie Bell catches it.”

I felt Draco’s eyes on me and I turned to meet his gaze. For a moment we locked eyes, but suddenly the Golden Snitch flew, in high speed, in front of my eyes and was gone, as fast as it had gotten there.

“GOAL!!! GRYFFINDOR SCORES!” Everyone on the Gryffindor tribune; And most of the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tribune’s as well, cheered loudly.

I blinked once, before breaking eye contact with Draco and flew after the Snitch, as fast as possible.

It wouldn’t take Draco many moments to figure out, I had seen the Snitch and he it took him even less moments to turn his broom the right direction and chase after me; and the Snitch of cause.

“It looks like the seekers have both spotted the Snitch!” Jordan commented.

Soon we were laying side by side, over each our broomstick, both reaching out, for the Golden Snitch.

“They hurtle alongside each other! Getting closer and closer!” Jordan kept commenting.

Draco gently puffed me aside, even though he made it look like a rough push, especially since his touch set my body on fire and it surprised me, so much I almost lost control of my broom.

“Ouch! – That looked like it hurt!” He yelled. “Oh! And look! Gryffindor is moving forward with the quaffle!” He had just got eye on what happened with the other players, as I wash push aside by Draco.

 I tried to pull myself together and ignore the fire, burning me up, from the inside.

“AND THEY SCO… No they didn’t; The Slytherin’s Keeper was too fast!”

Soon I was lying side by side with the other seeker again. I pressed myself a bit more down on my broom, getting a bit more speed.

“Well, look again; the seekers is side by side once again!” Jordan mentioned, before turning to the quaffle’s game again. “Slytherin is hurtling forward! They are in rage of the goal hoops! He makes his attack! He SCO... No, not this time either!” He did his best to keep up with what happened with the quaffle before he turned his head, to follow up, on what happened with me and Draco.

I slowly got a bit in front of Draco, stretched my arm as much as even possible.

“The seekers are lying side by side, but it looks like Harry is taking the lead!” He said with an exited voice.

That one moment when I closed my hand around the Snitch; Draco’s hand closed around my wrist, setting me on fire over again.

“AND HARRY’S GOT THE SNITCH!!!” He yelled. “And… Malfoy’s got Harry?” He added, confused.

This time I really did lose control of my broom, and it seemed like Draco lost it, too. We both fell off the brooms, fast closing in, on the ground.

“What is happening? They are falling off their brooms!” Jordan now sounded a bit scared. “Get on your brooms guys!” He yelled.

Draco let go of my wrist and reached out to catch his broom; as I saw him close his hand around it, I hit the ground.

“And Malfoy got on the broom! OUCH!” That was the last I heard, when I hit the ground.

What I remember after that, was pain. Pain and the fire!

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