Written in 2011. First fic I ever wrote.
-Harry and Draco's hatred all collide in one heated night. Harry's confused; he doesn't know what happened, but he knows one thing. He can't stop thinking about Draco.


8. Please don't go

The Room of Requirements. Well. Here I am… Even though I’ve been about to pull out, so many times through the day… Because, seriously… What if this was all just a mean joke? What if he was just trying to make me look like a fool…? But on the other hand, what if he really wanted talk… And he would think I didn’t want anything to do with him, if I didn’t show up…? I had to go here…! No other options!

I really need to see the room where Draco wants to see me. I thought strongly and saw a great door slowly appear, out of nowhere, right in front of me.

When the doors had appeared in full size, I opened it, and stepped inside.

Well this is… not the same room as last time I was here, but it was definitely still the Room of Requirements. No doubt about that.

I walked a bit further into the room and looked around; it kinda looked like how it did, when I was here, for the D.A. meetings, last year. Kinda; but it was still not completely the same a back then.

It wasn’t long before I heard the door appear and open, from where I was standing in the middle in the room; I turned around to face Draco, who stood there with in front of the disappearing door. He looked over and me and we looked into each other’s eyes.

I made to take a step forward, against him, but was stopped by Draco opening his mouth and formed one single word; “Don’t.”

Confused I looked at him, as he tilted his head to the side, looking curiously at me, before opening his mouth to talk: “Harry. I…” He closed his mouth and straightened his head, shaking it a bit before looking at me again.

“You? .. What were you going to say, Draco?” I encouraged, frowning a bit.

“I have to do the right thing!” Draco burst out as soon I had said my one short sentence; and he seemed like he was blushing a bit, over his own outburst.

The room was clinging with silence for a moment, whilst we both just stood there, looking at each other; “What?” I finally asked, I had no idea what he was meant by that.

“I have to do the right things…! We can’t go on like this Harry; I’ve tried my best to avoid you; and to act normal when we had to see each other.” My heart was starting to feel heavy, as I stood in the middle of the room, looking at him. “We both know that what happened shouldn’t have happened; because we would never be able to be together!” I blushed a bit at this and Draco looked like it was actually hurting him a lot to say.

“What do you mean? We… we could just… What?” I fighting with the tears; this really couldn’t be true. Did he even know how much these words were hurting me?

“Harry I mean it! This should really never have happened!” He said with a strong voice. “Before I never really cared at all, there was nothing to care about, all I knew back then, was that somehow we always seemed to end up colliding in some way… But now, after what happened, I’ve started to care, like, REALLY care and that is really no good!” He looked like he was going to stomp his foot in the ground, like a little child that wasn’t getting what he wanted. But he didn’t, his face was even paler than it used to be, when he suddenly found the floor very interesting, and bonded his gaze to the floor.

I stepped my foot forward, wanting to run up to him and cry, scream, beg him not do this to me. “Don’t!” He snapped his head up and shortly looked me in the eyes before facing down again, making me stop. “This is serious, this is happening, Harry! I can’t do this; we belong to two different side of this war going on! This has to be the end.” He said turned around to leave. “It has to be.” He whispered.

The door was starting to appear in front of Draco and I was screaming inside, telling myself to not let him walk out of my life like that without even trying to do something about it.

That was when I took a deep breath and started to run; I ran towards him, not sure about what I was doing and what I was going to do later on, I slung my arms tightly around his breast. “Draco!” I could hear my voice was shaking, “Please don’t go!” Tears was whelming up in my eyes again. “Don’t I even get a chance to say anything about this?” I asked, desperate for him not to leave.

“Harry… I have made up my mind. You belong on the side against the Dark Lord and I belong in his side.” He shook his head, as if to clear his mind. “As much as I did wish this would be an option, I WAS raised to serve the Dark Lord. We can’t be together Harry! No matter how much I would love to get my name tattooed in your forehead to let everyone know you’re mine…” Draco sighed deeply. “It just isn’t that easy…” He finished.

“But, Draco! –“

“No, Harry! There is nothing you can do!” He said. “You’ll be safer this way.” He mumbled, but I heard him anyways.

That was the moment, when Draco decided to turn around in my embrace and faced me; “This has to be the end.” He said, his eyes blank, before he leaned in and gently kissed my lips. This kiss only lasted for a moment or two before he pulled away from both my mouth and my embrace, leaving me in the room, looking after him, as the door closed.

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