Another Love Story (Harmione)

(Harmione by request) Harry and Hermione were going back to Hogwarts to redo their 7th year. Hermione develops feelings for Harry but he's dating Ginny and she's her best friend. How is she supposed to tell Ginny about a crush when it's her boyfriend? What will Ginny do? What will happen when secrets unfold and Harry finds out?


1. You cheater!

I ran down the hall hoping to find Ron. We started dating a week ago and every once and awhile he disappears. It concerned me. I heard giggles coming from a near by closet. I opened it up to find Ron snogging Lavender.

"Hermione!" He said. I shook my head feeling tears. I shut the door and ran back to Gryffindor common room.

"Harry, I need to talk to you." I started. "It's about Ron."

"He cheated on me." I said after sitting down on the couch next to him.

"Oh Hermione, he is my best friend but so are you so do you want me to kill him?" He asked. I laughed. Harry smiled. "Good that you are laughing."

"How am I ever going to get over this?" I asked.

"I can help with that."

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