Another Love Story (Harmione)

(Harmione by request) Harry and Hermione were going back to Hogwarts to redo their 7th year. Hermione develops feelings for Harry but he's dating Ginny and she's her best friend. How is she supposed to tell Ginny about a crush when it's her boyfriend? What will Ginny do? What will happen when secrets unfold and Harry finds out?


2. Thanks....

"What?" I asked.

"We can read books and you can hang out with Ginny and me more." he said. Oh thank goodness. Ginny walks in the room as soon as Harry says that.

"Why would she need to hang out with me and you more, Harry?" she asked.

"Ron cheated on her." he said.

"Oh my gosh. Hermione, are you okay?" she asked. I nodded. I don't think she believed me but oh well.

"You know you can always talk to me." she said. I smiled but frowned in my head. How can she say that when I want to tell her who I have a crush on and it's.... Harry.






Sorry it's so short but that where I was told to leave it. Hermione said I should leave it there. Can't say I wanted to though. ~Harry #TheChosenOne

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