You Already Know (Dana Vaughns)

What happens when Jade gets asked to choreograph dances for her brother's band IM5? What happens when a band member falls for her? Join Jade Morales on her journey in You Already Know. by janosftim5


2. TWO

*Jade Morales*


And not to my surprise it was exactly who I thought it was.

"Oh look is the Spanish slut and her loser of a Spanish friend".

It was Amelia Sprayberry.

"Oh it's a pleasure to see you again Slutty Sprayberry".

She thinks she's all that and shit because her step brother is Dylan Sprayberry. Her step brother is actually one of my friends and doesn't like his step sister at all. Her mom change hers and Amelia's last names to Sprayberry because she is only with him for his money.

"Latina has an attitude".

Amelia and her friends laughed.

"I'll give you attitude bitch".

She rolled her eyes.

"no eres más que una puta, te acuestas con cada chico que se ve, no me sorprende incluso que su propio hermano paso que odia.".

(you're nothing but a slut, you sleep with every guy you see, I'm not even surprised that your own step brother hates you.)

She got confused and looked at her friends.

"It means get lost bitches, or we'll go all Latin on your asses".

Malia said which made them almost run away.

"Haha nice one mami".

I high fived her.

"Let's go, my mom is waiting for us".

I opened my locker again and grabbed the rest of my stuff.


I looked at my phone that was now shattered.

"What's wrong"?

Malia said coming closer to my locker.

"When she slammed my locker it shattered my phone cause it was near the edge".

I turned it on and could barely see what was on my screen.

"Well, let's go before she gets the principal on us again".

I chuckled and we headed out to where my mom was.

"What took you girls so long"?

We got into the car.

"Amelia again, she slammed my locker, we bitched in Spanish, and now I have a shattered phone".

My mom sighed.

"We'll get you a new one tomorrow, okay".

I nodded as my mom drove home, Malia and I went up to my room.

"I guarantee she is gonna try and hit on Gabe or even Dana".

She sighed.

"She can't go near Gabe, but Dana, keep an eye out".

We started doing homework, then some vines.

"Let's go shopping"!

Malia said jumping off my bed.

"Oye mamá, ¿puedo tener las llaves de su coche? Malia y yo vamos a ir al centro comercial.".

(Hey mom, could I have the keys to your car? Malia and I are gonna go to the mall.)

She handed me her keys.

"Sí, claro cariño, simplemente estar de vuelta pronto porque yo estoy va a estar haciendo la cena pronto.".

(Yeah sure sweetie, just be back soon cause I'm gonna be making dinner soon.)

Malia and I grabbed our bags, phones and headed out to the car.

"Usted y sus mamás hablar español es menos que la mía y mis padres.".

(You and your moms Spanish talking is less than mine and my parents.)

I laughed.

"Ha, she says that I listen to her better when she speaks Spanish but really it's the other way around".

She laughed and I started driving. Once we got to the mall Malia took out her phone and took a selfie of us.

"I hate Amelia so much, but i dont get why she's so mean to me"? 

 Malia and I have been going to school with Amelia since kindergarten, and she always tried to hit on my brother since the band stuff. She's also trying to get with Dana, which he is having none of that.

"She's not worth it anyways".

Malia and I finished shopping, I drove her home and drove back to my house.

"Gabriel, su teléfono se rompió por eso ella no contesta tus mensajes y llamadas.".

(Gabriel, her phone broke that's why she's not answering your messages and calls.)

My mom is talking to Gabe as I can tell. I put her keys on the island in the kitchen and sat on one of the stools.

"Well, she's home now so I'll let you talk to her".

My mom handed the house phone to me.

"Hey sis, mom said your phone is broken"?

I sighed.

"hi Gabe, sí mi teléfono está destrozada porque la perra de la escuela mierda mi puerta del armario en él".

(hi Gabe, yeah my phone is shattered because the bitch of the school shit my locker door on it.)

"Amelia again"?

I sighed again and he took that as a yes.

"Well, when the boys and I come down tomorrow and pick you up we'll go and buy you a new one".

I smiled.

"You don't have to do that Gabe".

He laughed.

"I want to".

I heard voices in the background.

"Well I better catch my flight, I'll see you tomorrow Jade".

I sat up.

"Bye G".

He laughed and hung up.

"Momma I'm going to head into the shower than read in my room".

My mom nodded as I headed upstairs and took my shower. I got out, kept my hair a little wet, put it into 2 pigtail braids, and put on some pjs. I sat on my bed, grabbed my laptop as started reading, then I started watching some PewDiePie videos, Markiplier videos, CinnamonToastKen videos, and JackSepticEye videos. I soon fell asleep while watching Life Is Strange being played by Jack/Sean.


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