You Already Know (Dana Vaughns)

What happens when Jade gets asked to choreograph dances for her brother's band IM5? What happens when a band member falls for her? Join Jade Morales on her journey in You Already Know. by janosftim5


1. ONE


*Jade Morales*


I should introduce myself.

Hi I'm Jade Lee Morales.

I'm 17 and I'm Gabe's sister.

Gabe from IM5 if you didn't already know.

I have long ombré hair. (On the cover)

I'm 5'1". Haha I'm short.

Now let's get on with the story.


"Jade vamos! Usted tiene que estar en la escuela en diez minutos!".

(Jade let's go! You have to be at school in ten minutes!)

My mom yelled up to me as I was putting my shoes on.

"Bajaré en 2 minutos la madre! Sólo estoy agarrando mi bolso!".

(I'll be down in 2 minutes mother! I'm just grabbing my bag!)

I yelled down to my mother as I grabbed my phone, headphones, and grabbed my bag. I headed downstairs to see that my mom was waiting for me at the door.

"Mom, why do we yell in Spanish when we clearly speak English too"?

My mom rolled her eyes and we headed out to her car.

"You listen to me better when I yell in Spanish". 

We got into her car and she started driving.

"Your brother is coming down for the next couple weeks". 

I haven't seen Gabe since he left for the Grow Wild Tour.

"Cole and Dana are also going to be staying too". 

Once she said his name I went wide eyed.

"Does someone have a crush on a band member"? 

My mom looked at me then looked back at the road.

 "Tal vez, pero yo no lo he visto en una mamá todo el año, no creo que él sabe cómo me veo ahora.".

(Maybe, but I haven't seen him in a whole year mom, I don't think he knows what I look like now.)

My mom laughed.

"You're nervous, I can tell because you're speaking in Spanish".

I looked down at my lap. Just then my phone started going off.

"It's Gabe".

-Phone Call-

G: Hey little sis.

J: Hey Gabriel.

G: You headed to school?

J: Yeah mom is driving.

G: Alright, well I have news but I have to tell you in person so I'll pick you up from school tomorrow.

J: Okay Gabe.

G: Dana and Cole are going to be with me so we'll see you tomorrow.

J: Alright! Bye Gabe!

G: Bye sis!

-End of Call-

My mom parked in the parking lot and I got out of her car.

"Thanks momma, I'll see you after".

My mom waved goodbye as I shut the door and walked into the school. When I got to my locker I saw my sleaze of a best friend Jackson.

Jackson is a man-whore he slept with almost every girl in the school, but not the girls in our friend group. Me and Malia are the only two that put up with his shit.

"I see you're waiting for me".

He chuckled as I opened my locker.

"Si mami".

I laughed.

"Just because you say it in Spanish doesn't mean you're better".

He laughed.

"Nah I'm not saying I'm better, you and Malia are the only two who speak fluent Spanish, except Mr. Hodges".

I grabbed my math book out of my locker and shut it.

"So who's the next girl on your hit list"?

He chuckled.

"Well since you asked".

I sighed.

"It's Jessica Lucas".

I shook my head.

"Seriously the sluttiest girl in school? That's low".

He chuckled.

"I'm not a goodie two shoes like Austin".

Austin is another one of our friends.

"At least he doesn't sleep around like you do".

He put his hands in his pocket as we sat down at our table in math class.

"Haha, but you love me anyways".

I set my books down.

"Like I have a choice idiot".

He put his hand to his heart.

"That my friend hurt".

I laughed. Then the bell rang and everyone was in class. I have to say this class is boring.

~Skipping to lunch~

"So your brother is coming back"?

Malia said after taking a bite of her salad.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him in a while".

She chuckled.

"Is he bringing his friends"?

She has a crush on Cole.

"Yeah, they're all picking me up after school tomorrow".

She smiled.

"Dana is also gonna be coming to the school to finish high school and to graduate".

She looked up at me.

"You must be really happy about that".

I smiled.

"Yeah I kind of am".

When we finished our lunch we went our separate ways to our classes. Malia and I have basketball practice after school so we headed to the locker room.

"Championship finals is in Los Angeles this year, I'm excited"!

Malia put her jersey on over her head.

"Me too, by the time finals are here we'll be graduating".

We walked to the gym and did practice. Malia and I were finishing putting our stuff away when all of a sudden my locker closes.

I looked over and saw someone I didn't want to see.


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