Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea- The Amulet of the Moon

In this second Penelope Jackson story, Penelope and her friends must travel to Athens to complete the prophecy that will unite the Gods with their Demi-god children. But a vengeful goddess threatens to destroy Penelope, her family and friends, as they travel. And during a separation Penelope picks up a strange stone that later reveals its true nature as the group of Demi-gods stumble upon a secret civilization.


7. Under the Sea


I woke with a start.

"Konnor?" I called.

I was in a cave I could tell by the darkness and the echoes. I looked around for my friends before remembering that I was taken. 

"Hello?" I called.

I looked around for my captor, as well as take in my surroundings. A sea caves, I was sitting on a bed of seaweed and mud, there was water every where. I stood trying to see if there was any signs of life when I stubbed my toe on something. Kneeling down and looking through the seaweed I found a small stone that resembled a pearl.

"The legend is true." a voice whispered.

Startled I lowered myself to the ground and stupidly covered myself with my arms.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"Don't be afraid, I don't wish to harm you."

"Show yourself." I said rising slowly.

From the water in front of me rose the smiling woman from the dock. She was decorated with pearls and shells and she had long dark hair.

"Who are you?" I asked sitting on my heels.

"I am Araluen, I am the daughter of the water."

"Like Triton's daughter? Or even Poseidon?"

"Not exactly, Pallas, Kalliste and Tritea don't exactly make great friends to other mer people."

"I knew you were a mermaid." 

 "I knew you were a daughter of water." Araluen said.

"I'm Poseidon's granddaughter." I explained. "I'm a demi-god, part human."

"A human could never find the moon stone in the seaweed." Araluen countered. "

"The rock?" I asked showing her the stone.

Araluen nodded, "You carry more god-like genes than you do  human. I've watched you for a year now, Penelope, Of all your siblings only you find comfort among the water." 

"Okay that's not creepy." I mumbled.

"I see that this is a shock but you must understand that the water is your home. You yourself called to me when you were there at the dock."

"Okay okay, but why me?" I asked, "Why did you pull me under the dock, obviously I can't be the first person."

"My friends who spend time around humans describe this method to be one similar to a children's story." she explained. "While you aren't the first you were the only one to find the stone-"

"Araluen, why am I here?" I asked.

Araluen pulled her self up on to the seaweed bed and showed off her long mermaid tale, that matched her Aqua eyes.

"Our people are at war with the Royalty of the Sea, you're family. We have a legend that a child of land and sea would find the moon stone and return to the water to make peace with the two clans of mer-people." Araluen said. "That is you, you were born on land and a daughter of the God Poseidon. You can help us."

"You... I really would like to help but I'm in the midst of my own issues, I have to get back to the surface and find my friends." I said getting to my feet trying to find an exit to the cave, "We have a mission to stop a vengeful goddess, called Jillian. She's broken the bond between the gods and their kids, we have to-I have to get to Athens to find-"

"Please, you are our only hope." Araluen said grabbing my hand.

"I would like to help you out, but I have to save my parents from the dark place and I have to get to Athens." I insisted, "Please just take me back." I handed her the moon stone.

Araluen thought for a moment, then said, "I'll make a deal with you, help me with my people and when war day comes with this goddess, we will be on your side."

"Can you guarantee me this?" I asked her.

"I swear it on the River Styx." Araluen said seriously.

"Okay, then I will do my best to help." I promised.

Araluen handed me the stone and attacked a piece of seaweed to fashion a necklace. "I apologize for damaging your other jewelry." she said.

I instantly reached for my necklace and then realized it wasn't there. Araluen helped tie the moon stone to my neck.

"What does this do?" I asked her.

"The moonstone will grant you the power to-"

Suddenly I couldn't breathe, the air was harmful to my lungs.

"The moon is upon us the stone has been activated!" Araluen said excitedly.

The light of the moon shone down on the water in the cave and if I didn't feel like I was being strangled I might have thought that it was pretty.

"Quick get into the water!" Araluen instructed.

She didn't have to tell me twice I practically belly flopped into the water, glad I did because I felt like all life was restored to my lungs. The next moment, I opened my eyes and I had a tail. Sea green like my eyes. Araluen joined me and she smiled as she swam around me. 

"You can breathe under water now, try talking to me." she said.

I slowly opened my mouth and released whatever air I was trying to hold on to."I-this is crazy." I said.

"You'll get used to it, just try to relax." 

"How long will I have until this power goes away?" I asked.

"You now hold the stone, it's power is your's unless you chose to give it away. As for the time being until you break the binds that hold the stone to you." she answered.

She must have noted my confusion.

"The power stays until you break the surface, from here on, every time you get into the water with the stone you transform."

Looking down at the stone I realized that this was a powerful object and very dangerous.

"Okay so where to first?"

"First you need to rest. It's night here and nearly over. We have a very big day, come you'll stay with me." Araluen said.

Araluen swan to the underwater opening of the cave. She was right if I ever wanted to get back to my friends I had to fix the problems here. I followed her out of the cave slowly, I wasn't used to swimming with out the use of my legs. 

"Coming!" I called as Araluen waited for me.

"You're doing fine Penelope, you'll make a fine mermaid yet." she encouraged.

I smiled as her as I caught up, "I hope so, because if I ever want to get home, I have to convince these mermaids to make peace."

Araluen nodded then took my hand, "Come it's not wise to be out this far from the city at this time."

"Why?" I asked her as she swam faster towing me along.

"I'm not the Royals favorite person, and you are an outsider, it's just not wise."

I nodded and followed her to her home, keeping an eye out for anyone watching.

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