Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea- The Amulet of the Moon

In this second Penelope Jackson story, Penelope and her friends must travel to Athens to complete the prophecy that will unite the Gods with their Demi-god children. But a vengeful goddess threatens to destroy Penelope, her family and friends, as they travel. And during a separation Penelope picks up a strange stone that later reveals its true nature as the group of Demi-gods stumble upon a secret civilization.


8. Quarrel with a nasty merguard

Araluen's home was lovely, it was made of stones and corral, but it looked like marble, and then the sea glass that made her windows looked just like stained glass. There were two small bedrooms and what I guessed what was her kitchen slash living room. All her furniture was made out of some sort of seaweed, and what I guessed was fish bones? I don't know what I was expecting to find in her home, but there were no pictures or anything that resembled she had a personal life. Look at me, analyzing my kidnapper...mad this sounds weird okay moving on.

"Does our family live near you?" I asked her as she led me to one of the bedrooms.

"Umm yes, in a way they do."

"Do you have a husband or a boyfriend?" I asked her.

"No, I used to but uh..."

She seemed uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry you don't have to answer. I'm just trying to make conversation,' I apologized, "you can ask me something if you like." I added quickly.

Araluen smiled then said, "The person who gave you the necklace, were they special?"

"Troy? Yeah he's pretty special I guess." I said swimming over to the bed.

"You sound unconvinced." she noted.

"Well I've only known him a short time. Shorter than Brynna and Konnor and-"

"Ah." Araluen said with a smile.

"What?" I asked.

"You care for your friend is all I am noting."

"Of course we've been through a lot."

"That is nice to see, that humans can still care for one another. I wish the same could be sad for my people."

"We'll figure something out," I insisted, "don't worry."

Araluen smiled then let me ready for bed, she swam to her room then the light went out, surprisingly I didn't have any nightmares that night, but my sleep was short lived when a loud crash jolted me awake.

"Penelope! Are you alright?" called Araluen.

"Yes!" I answered.

Araluen swam to my room and looked out my window.

"What's going on?" I asked her.

"My people are growing frustrated with the Royals, they have started to rebel." she said her voice tense.

"What should we do?" 

She went to the wardrobe and pulled out a very intricate woven bag, it looked really heavy.

"Come we must go."


She took my hand and we swam out of the house, I looked over my shoulder to see small explosives going on around the house. I felt bad, Araluen may not have a home to go back to, if we ever came back. Araluen let go of my hand so I could swim freely, we swam a little farther to come up to this huge crowd of mermaids and what looked to be mermaid guards. They were armed with spears and I realized how serious this feud was. Araluen swam closer and placed herself in between the crowd and I. As we moved closer the conversation got louder.

"We told you this ocean is ours as well! Royals can't take it away from us." a merman said.

"Stand back, you are trespassing!" a guard said.

"There's no law that says we cannot cross into the other waters!" a mermaid shouted.

"You belong to the north of the sea, the Royals are to the south. This sea is theirs." the guard stated.

"The Royals imprisoned my son for crossing! They are not worthy!" a merman cried.

Araluen swam towards the merman who was crying.

"It is alright Barse," Araluen said trying to console him.

"Take this merman away for disturbance of the peace." the guard ordered, fed up with the common merfolk.

"Stop! He's not done anything!" Araluen said defending the man.

"Silence! Or you will be arrested as well!"

"I will not let you take another innocent merman away." Araluen seethed, "It is you who is the disturber of the peace."

"I said silence!" the guard raised his spear intending to strike.

I swam to defend Araluen putting myself in between her and the nasty guard.

"Penelope no!" Araluen shouted.

Too late I half expected the spear to go through me, but it electrified me instead, like Zeus himself was using his thunderbolt on me. Immense pain was what I felt and I'd been thrown halfway across a field into a water tankard.


I opened my eyes to see Araluen swimming over me, a crowd of merfolk around us. I felt my body twitching I tried to speak but nothing was coming out. My eyes were trying to focus but my vision started to blur, and I couldn't hear was happening anymore. The last thing I remembered was seeing a vibrant green tail and then it was dark.


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