Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea- The Amulet of the Moon

In this second Penelope Jackson story, Penelope and her friends must travel to Athens to complete the prophecy that will unite the Gods with their Demi-god children. But a vengeful goddess threatens to destroy Penelope, her family and friends, as they travel. And during a separation Penelope picks up a strange stone that later reveals its true nature as the group of Demi-gods stumble upon a secret civilization.


4. Mermaids

So the day before this journey was to take place someone suddenly had a bit of sense and realized that four thirteen year old's were making a trip halfway around the world without adult super vision. Now to normal adults that's a no brainer but we're dealing with demigod parents. So in a turn of events, Mr. and Mrs. Grace were going to be our chaperons. Bright and early that morning I rose before Athena and Fred, dressed and headed out to meet Konnor and Alec at the Argo 2. Cue in the surprised looks to see Jason and Piper, and now you're all caught up. Alec explained that there were eight rooms, a sick bay, armory, main engine room, mess hall, galley whatever that is, and some stables and storage room. 

"Why do we need stables?" I asked Konnor.

"For the Pegasuses'" he said simply.

"Pegasuses? Why do we need them?" 

"To ride of course. It'll get pretty boring on a ship the whole time. Also in case of a need for abandon ship." Alec added.

"What?" I said alarmed.

"It'll be fine Pen," Konnor said.

"But I don't know how to ride."

Konnor and Alec looked at me dumbfounded.

"How do you not know how to ride?" Alec exclaimed.

"Can it Alec," Konnor said, "Penelope it's not too hard sides you're a child of Poseidon it should come naturally to you." 

"I-I don't know." I said turning to look at the ship.

"We're only taking four at most," Konnor turned back to Alec, who immediately started jotting things down.

I knew my father had a Pegasus called Blackjack when he was a camper here, Chiron had told me, but I never considered riding one myself. I decided I would ask Athena and Fred about it later, besides I'd promised to tell them about my dream.

"Penelope we'll go try a practice round later after breakfast if you want." Konnor said bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Okay, umm I got to go meet Athena and Fred, I'll see you later." I said heading down the hill.

I ran to the hall and sat at one of the long tables. It was still too early for anyone to be coming down for breakfast, but I have never felt so alone and so small. I wasn't sure what I expected coming out of this but it was so much harder than I could ever imagine. I wanted my parents, more than anything, to just be there and tell me everything was going to be okay. I wiped away traces of tears as people started coming in, I went to help Konnor with Fred and his wheelchair and then got him a plate of food. Athena arrived in time to help distribute offering to the hearth and then we began to eat. It was a quiet affair until Brynna and Adam decided to have a shouting match outside. 

Konnor and I went outside to find out the cause of the argument. We discovered we weren't the only ones who wanted to silence the commotion, the Grace's and Chiron were also coming up to the hall.

"You're so intensive and a completely repulsive!" Brynna shouted.

"Soooo sorry to inconvenience you, your highness but life doesn't revolve around you!" Adam retorted.

"Children enough!" Jason Grace shouted.

"What is going on with you two?" Konnor asked staring at the twins.

"He started it!" Brynna said completely flustered.

"Oh very mature," Adam muttered.

"Knock-it off" I started on him.

"Penelope control your anger." Chiron reprimanded.

"No! This is a mission, that we were all assigned, I have a job to do to save my parents and I won't stand for this any longer." I seethed hot tears running down my face. I tuned to face Brynna and Adam, "Either grow up or so help me Hera I will find another Roman and another Greek to go on this mission."

I stormed off into the woods needing to be alone. I had a drachma in my pocket and found a puddle and decided to make a call to Troy. Unfortunately all I got was a "Hi can't talk, miss you, think about what I said bye." Wonderful where was the support I needed? I never felt at home on the ground so I decided to go sit by the lake. Water. Water is home and where I can decompress and re energize. The smell of wet sand is so soothing, thought no one but my dad would understand that. Walking along the dock, I looked over the water and remembered something my dad had told me.

When I was maybe four years old we took a family trip to the beach. My mom had Athena and Fred on the shore making sand castles. While my dad and I walked along the pier. He told me that when he was little Grandma Sally took him to the water and he used to see female faces waving at him. "Mermaids?" I had asked him. He chuckled and said "Maybe". 

No laying on the dock I'm looking in the water searching for my fathers face, or someone's for that matter. I feel my tears sliding down my face and I can't help it. 

"Penelope!" I can hear Konnor calling.

"Just leave me alone, please." I mumble.

I hear people coming closer and as I prop myself on my elbows I see bubbles forming on the surface. 

"What in the-"

Then two Aqua colored eyes popped out of the water and a smiling woman is staring at me. The scream barely escapes my lips as she reaches up and pulls me off the dock under the water. Before I go down I can hear someone calling for me and then it was dark.




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