Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea- The Amulet of the Moon

In this second Penelope Jackson story, Penelope and her friends must travel to Athens to complete the prophecy that will unite the Gods with their Demi-god children. But a vengeful goddess threatens to destroy Penelope, her family and friends, as they travel. And during a separation Penelope picks up a strange stone that later reveals its true nature as the group of Demi-gods stumble upon a secret civilization.


2. Meeting of the Checker Board Table

After talking with Brynna, I found Konnor in the training room of the arena, practicing his knife throwing.

"Hey!" I shouted to him.

Instantly that was a rookie move because instincts took over and a knife came sailing trough the air aimed for my head. I ducked and Konnor cursed in Greek.

"Penelope! That could've been your head!"

"No kidding." I said agreeing.

I pulled the knife out of the wall and handed it over to Konnor who put it back in it's sheath. 

"Where is Mrs. O'Leary?" I asked him.

"Alec is fitting her for some armor, he was very upset you sent her off to battle with minimal armor."

"It was a full Roman suit of armor." I argued.

"Exactly his point." Konnor said with a smile.

I shook my head, the feud was over but the jabs and jokes were constant.

"Hey will you spot me?" Konnor asked as he pulled a jump rope from the trunk near by.

"Don't I always?" I teased.

We spent the afternoon training then quit around five so we could freshen up for dinner. Tonight's meal featured Cajun and seafood favorites. I put a potion of my plate in the offering burner, and thought of my parents, hoping to all the ends of the world that they were okay. I sat in between Konnor and Brynna and Adam sat across from us. Brynna wasn't talking to him and Adam was just glaring at her. Athena and Fred came in a few minutes later and sat to the left of Adam. No one spoke, it reminded me of the dinner right before the Unknowns attacked.

"Who died?" Fred asked after several minutes of awkward silence.

Immediately everyone's head snapped, just last week we'd mourned all the fallen camper's of last summer and hung their burial shrouds. There weren't many but losing our campers,was like losing family members. To make matters worse we'd almost lost Marci, blindsided by a wave of stone demons, she'd nearly been killed. Luckily she made it out alive, she's still in pretty bad shape, she's spent the past past year in critical care but she's alive, thank the gods.

'Too soon dude." Konnor muttered.

"Sorry, honestly."

We were silent again until Chiron came up to our table.

"Penelope your presence is wanted in the Blue house." he said

"Chiron last time that happened I was sent on a quest and nearly died." I said mid bite into my lobster tail.

"It is important. Reyna and the council are here, it is time to discuss the prophecy that Rachel assigned you last year." he said, as if that made it more important. Rule number one, do not under any circumstances interrupt Penelope's dinner. 

"Can't I finish dinner first?" I whined.

"Troy is also here."

"Wrap it in foil leave it for me in the kitchen." I said to Konnor as I jumped to my feet.

Konnor snorted and picked up my plate. 

"Adam, Brynna you may also come your parents wish to see you." Chiron said.

"Oh goody." Brynna muttered.
Fred and Athena stayed with Konnor and the rest of us followed Chiron to the Blue house, all the way up to the attic. There was the Roman council Reyna, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Grace and Mr. and Mrs. Zhang, there was Chiron and Rachel also, there were also two folded chairs in the corner, where my parents would've sat. I tried to focus on Troy who looked different from the last I saw him. His hair was cut and styled to his praetor laurels. He'd grown some and looked leaner and toned.

"Penelope!" he said with a smile when I entered the room. He stood from his seat and moved to give me a hug.

"Troy, it's so great to see you." I said hugging him back.

I greeted Reyna, who was slightly warmer than the last time we spoke, and the other couples. Brynna hugged her parents but avoided Adam at all costs, to the point where she was almost sitting on top of me to get away from him. The meeting commenced and Chiron reexplained  the purpose of my quest. Find the missing piece of an ancient prophecy that will cause the gods a guilt trip and they'll help us stop Jillian from destroying us. I had until the first leaf of Autumn turned gold, so roughly around the end of September, to travel across the Atlantic to Athens and find the piece then return home get to Mt. Olympus and pray the gods give in. I was allowed to take two people with me, but for this particular mission Reyna requested a Roman go with us. Even though I argued Brynna was Roman, she demanded that a camper who was familiar with Roman customs that would be useful in Athens would be better. See as part of the Roman and Greeks coming together, all major (quests at least the ones that traveled across the globe) would include at least a visiting camper. I thought she was going to suggest Troy, but I knew I wasn't going to be so lucky. Instead Adam was volunteered for the quest, cue the awkward silence. Instantly, I felt Brynna grip the bottom of my chair, and I think she snapped a piece of wood. And to top it all off, we were given an Iris pond with instructions to contact us at lest once a day. Because sending four thirteen year olds on an ancient Greek ship across the country is totally sane, but placing a chaperon is a big struggle. In short it was decided my team would leave the day after tomorrow, and the Graces and Zhangs began to map out the course since they were the last ones to make the trip. Adam, Brynna, Troy and I were excused from the rest of the meeting. While the twins were fuming at each other, Troy and I walked the strawberry fields. The sun had just set, so the sky was different shades of pink, purple, and blues.

"I've missed you." Troy told me, as he reached for my hand.

"I miss you too, but I know you've been busy."

"I know, I'm sorry. But I've written every chance I've had. Did you get my birthday gift?" he asked.

I felt my hand reach for my neck, Troy had given me a gold chain with a tiny trident attached to it for my birthday back in December. I've worn it ever since.

"Yes, and I love it." I told him.


We were silent for a minute until he asked me,

"Are you nervous for this?"

"A little, but I want my parents back, and I'm going to do everything I can to get them back." I said meeting his gaze.

"I wish I could come with you. But Mother has me working at home, she wants to retire by the time I turn eighteen."

I made a mental count. "Five years." I whispered.

"Then I'll be the main praetor and I get to pick my co-praetor." he said with a smile.

"That's wonderful." I said, genuinely happy for him.

"Penelope, I want that person to be you." 

"What?" the smile wiped away from my face.

"After this quest, come to New Rome with me, you can catch up with me and then we can assume the praetor ship together."

"But Troy, that's your dream, not mine." I insisted.

"Penelope you're going to need one after all is said and done. This is perfect."

"I don't know." I said shaking my head it's true I didn't have a set goal for my future but praetor ship, was never even a thought to cross my mind.

"At least think about it." he persisted.

"Okay. I'll think about it."

Troy smiled and he kissed my cheek, I felt my face go red instantly. 

"Troy! Your mother is calling!" I heard Adam call.

"Juno help me." Troy muttered.

"I think he enjoys messing with me."

"Trust me when he gets back to New Rome-"

"Troy!" Adam shouted again, "Quit talking to your girlfriend! At least you'd be more interesting if you'd kiss her!"

"Shut up!" we shouted together.

"You better go." I said placing my hand to his face, "I'll think about it."

"I'll Iris message you as soon as I can." he promised.

"Can't wait." I said as i pecked him on the cheek.

I watched him run down the fields as Adam went up the hill probably giving Troy a smirk. What was with this guy? Like why was he such a pain?

"So Mrs. Troy, looks like I'll be his replacement on this little trip." Adam teased.

"Shut up Adam." I said pushing past him.

"Hey, hey I'm kidding." he insisted.

"Look, I am not in the mood for you, I'm trying to get my parents back and you're just being a pain."

Adam was silent, and I thought my words had actually struck a chord but he only shrugged and just walked down the fields. I shook my head in frustration then made my way to the house, Chiron and the Graces were the only ones left from the meeting. When I approached I noticed Konnor was there holding my dinner plate.

"Oh yay!" I said immediately excited again. "Thank you I am starving!"

"Penelope it's great to see you." Piper Grace said.

"Oh, yeah hi, it's great to see you both.' I said remembering there were others watching me stuff my face. 

I handed my plate back to Konnor and hugged Piper. Jason also hugged me then handed me the map that they'd drawn out. 

"You're going to cross the Atlantic," Jason explained, "and we've drawn the route that will avoid certain areas and people...Long story."

"For another time." Piper added.

"Okay," I said eyeing the map carefully. "What does AW stand for?"

"Air way," Piper answered, "The boat is amazing, a true Hephaestus invention. It's all terrain." 

"Oh, excellent." I said amazed.

"Now all you need is your team." Chiron said. "Adam is assigned to your team, so you make take the traditional two companions."

I looked to Konnor, who was still holding my plate.

"Konnor? Up for another adventure?" I asked.

"Aren't I always?" he said with a smile, "I'm down."

"Good, oh where's Brynna?"

"Here." I heard her call from the house.

"Brynna, will you grace us with your presence on this quest?" I asked her.

"Sure, but if Adam ticks me off I'm stringing him up the mast." she said seriously.

Jason and Piper shook their heads and sighed.

"It's one quest Brynna, you will be fine." Jason said.

'Whatever." she muttered.

Brynna kissed her parents goodbye then headed for the bonfire. There was no capture the flag game tonight, and I could tell all her pent up frustration was bound to explode sooner or later. Piper and Jason went to find their son to say goodbye, then placed the map in my hands.

"We'll see you before you go, but we wish you good luck." Piper told me.

"Thank you." I said clutching the map.

Konnor and I left the porch and went to find Brynna and my siblings. Konnor handed me my plate which was still warm, and I ripped off the foil again, and stuffed my face.

"So what happened with Chiron?" Athena asked me.

"Time to find the prophecy." I said mid bite.

"Whose going with you?" Fred asked.

"Konnor and Brynna, I need you and Athena here, especially because you're both still out of commission." I said gesturing to Fred's wheelchair and Athena's crutches.

"Point taken." he said.

"When do you leave? How long will you be gone?" Athena asked.

"Day after tomorrow, and I don't know." I answered.

We were all silent. Brynna glared into the flamed and chucked something into it.

"What was that?" Konnor asked alarmed.

"Something my mom gave me, it was a letter my parents had written me." she said shrugging.

"Are you going to be like this the whole time?" Konnor asked.

"No, as long as we tie Adam to the back of the boat I'll be fine."

I shook my head, I wasn't going to have a strong team in Brynna and her brother couldn't get along.

"Look you two need to get it together." I said to her, "Now, I can't kick him off the quest, but I won't put up with the both of you driving me nuts. Your my friend Brynna, and I don't like your brother much either, but this is for my parents."

Brynna met my gaze, and her hard look softened.

"I know Penelope, I'm sorry." she said.

"Hey why don't I talk to Chiron about a capture the flag game tomorrow?" Konnor suggested.

"An excellent idea Konnor," I said getting to my feat."I think I'm going to turn in for the night."

"A wonderful idea." Athena said struggling to get to her feet.

I went to help her get situated on her crutches then got behind Fred and pushed his chair to our cabin. Konnor helped lift Fred's chair off the grass onto the makeshift ramp then pushed him up then through the door. 

"Thanks man." Fred said, "I can take it from here."

Athena followed Fred inside and I thanked Konnor for the help.

"How long till he's out of the chair and onto crutches?" he asked.

"Kamri said he has four more weeks then he can try crutches" I said, " He's making improvement, he can stand on his own. He just can't go anywhere." 

'He'll get there." Konnor assured me.

"I know," I said agreeing.

"I'll talk to Alec about the boat we're supposed to take tomorrow, then Chiron. I really think Brynna just needs to blow off  steam."

"Yeah, did Adam talk to you earlier? Like did he open up at all?" I asked.

"Not really, like he could be a nice guy, he's" 

"Ah." was all I could say.

I said goodnight to Konnor then headed inside, I had to mentally prepare myself for this quest. This is the first time I would be leaving the country, by myself. It's crazy. Well first thing is first, getting my team all set and ready. "Strong foundation, strong building", my mom would tell me. I missed her wisdom, and I missed my dad's encouragement. Athena and Fred were great, but some days I felt like I was trying to reassure them more than they could for me. We needed to be a family again, and it was all up to me. 





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