Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea- The Amulet of the Moon

In this second Penelope Jackson story, Penelope and her friends must travel to Athens to complete the prophecy that will unite the Gods with their Demi-god children. But a vengeful goddess threatens to destroy Penelope, her family and friends, as they travel. And during a separation Penelope picks up a strange stone that later reveals its true nature as the group of Demi-gods stumble upon a secret civilization.


5. Konnor-Rescue


"Konnor! Wait!" Brynna called.

I dove on to the dock just as Penelope's feet disappeared under the water.

"Penelope!" Chiron called.

I dove under the water to try and see Penelope, but there was no sign of her and her captor, only a glint of gold. Heading up to the surface for air I gasped and swam to shore.

"Konnor where is Penelope?" Jason Grace asked as he and his wife caught up to the crowd.

"She's been kidnapped." I huffed.

"Are you sure? How do you know she just wasn't going for a swim?" Adam asked.

I help up the broken gold chain with a trident on the end. 

"I doubt she's leave this behind." I said.

A silence fell as everyone realized how serious the situation became. As I moved past Chiron I eyed Brynna and Adam.

"You're off the mission, the both of you. This wouldn't of happen if you two hadn't been acting like children."

I brushed past them and headed to my cabin, I needed a change of clothes, and a plan.

It was somewhere in the later on in the evening that we were all seated around the checkerboard table in the attic of the big house. Well almost all of us. Athena and Fred had joined us after great difficulty of getting Fred's up the ladder without his chair. But if Chiron could do it so could he. To my dismay the twins were here as well, and wanting to be cordial I sat as far away from them as possible.

I was only partially listening to the meeting, Chiron Rachel and Reyna were going back and forth about the mission, should they cancel, should there be a rescue, etc. Finally they came to a descision.

"Konnor, as Penelope's first choice in traveler, you will lead the mission to Athens." Chiron began.

"However, the rest of the team is as follows. Brynna, Adam, and Troy." Reyna announced. 

"No way. It's not going to happen." I said standing. "They're the reason Penelope is gone. Had they just gotten their act together in the first place, Penelope wouldn't be gone right now."

"Konnor, in understanding where you are coming from, we can't remove them from the mission." Rachel said.


"Penelope chose Brynna and Adam was assigned by me." Reyna said as if it was obvious. 

"We can find someone else to fill the spots." I insisted.

"Konnor." Brynna finally spoke, "Penelope is my friend too, she saved my life, I can't ever repay that, but I can at least try. I'm sorry I didn't come to my senses earlier, but I promise I will be on my best behavior and will do everything I can to get Penelope back. Please, let me come."

I looked at Brynna then to Adam, "He's under my command, you don't move unless I tell you to, and you do everything I say. That's the deal or else I will personally find a new member to fill your slot, I'd rather take a hydra than you for that matter."

I turned to look at Reyna and Chiron," Take it or leave it."

Chiron nodded and Rachel nudged Reyna, "It's fair." she said.

Reyna agreed, and Adam groaned.

"One more work young man and you're on the first trip back to Camp Jupiter." Reyna said evenly.

"We want to help too." Fred insisted.

"Fred you and Athena will compose the rescue team," Chiron began, "I suggest discussing with other campers immediately."

The meeting was called to an end and then we all parted separate ways. Settling in my bunk that night surrounded by my demi-god brothers and sisters, I hoped that where ever Penelope was she wasn't totally alone.


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