The demon within (ON HOLD)

"Uhhh..." I stuttered clearly unable to form a sentence as this hot guy is standing a few meter away from me asking if I want to spend some time to get to know each other.

'Fuck, Maxy, you're losing him, where's the cool Maxy, gosh,' my mind scolded me also freaking out. I can tell she's glowing red and rolling her eyes at me for being mute when in fact, I'm opposite of mute.

"Umm, Maxy? You there?", Loius waved his hand trying to snap me out of my thoughts.
But before I can respond better, an arm hung loosely on my shoulder making me jump in fear. Who does that?

"I believe she's stuttering because she's thinking of a reason to reject you, punk," Luke said not breaking an eye contact with him.

'Oh no! Why does Luke always have to ruin perfect moments' my thoughts growled making me agree with her mentally.

Give this book a try to finish the summary above;)

If it doesn't make sense, I recommend you to read the whole book to get the characters more.

It's unedited so many errors may be spotted.

And I may not update everyday as I maybe busy but I'll try to update as fast as possible, so don't be angry if I haven't update in like many days.


6. chapter 4: I need help

Luke POV:


Where did she go?

"Are you sure she's not at home?" Michael said pacing back and forth in the house.

"Relax , I'm sure she's safe," Ashton assured making me laugh sarcastically.

"Sure, she went somewhere without an explanation being safe," I growled making Ashton glare back.

"Guys, if you continue your argument, we will never find her," Michael spoke.

"He's right," Ashton sighed making me huff.

"I need air, I'm going out for a while, don't look for me," I said with no response not expecting any.

I went out and decided to go one place where I can clear my thoughts away.

The forest.

'About time,' my wolf hissed at me making me roll my eyes.

'Look's who's back,' I said.

'Our mate is missing and your doing nothing,' my wolf growled.

'I can't smell her scent,' I said.

'Hello?', I asked. Great my wolf abandoned me.

Then, my phone vibrated saying one message:

From: unknown

Hey mate! I'm sure you won't mind lending me your sweet cheeks;)

P.s- She's safe with me bro, no worries

That bastard

I hit the nearest object which happens to be the tree creating bruised knuckles on my fingers.

I don't care,

I need her back. And I'm getting her back.

For better or worse.


Maxy POV:

I woke up feeling nauseous.

Then I realized that I've been kidnapped.

Oh no! My mom would kill me or worse in the hands of my kidnapper.

Oh God!

The room I was in wasn't in my expectations.

White walls, clean furnitures, a bathroom. It's like I'm in a hotel.

But I got kidnapped aren't i?

Then the door creaked open revealing an attractive guy I've ever seen, except for Luke which is truly exceptional.

He smiled showing off his white perfect teeth.

I didn't smile back making him frown.

"What's wrong sugar?" He said making me feel more sick the new nickname he gave me.

Something's weird.

I felt like I'm missing something.

"I need to get home," I demanded not raising my voice for safety precautions making him chuckle.

'Only Luke's chuckles are cute' I thought.

"Sweetie, you staying here now, with me," he smirked making me shiver at the thought of it.

"I can't, if your here for ransom, my mom's broke and if your looking for something in my pants, I swear there's nothing inside," I said nervously making him raise his eyebrows.

"I won't harm you," he said as if he's truly innocent.

'Sure' I retorted in my mind.

His eyes turned dark making me sat one step back.

"You don't remember do you?" He said eyes full of sadness and betrayal.

"What makes you say that?" I said softly trying not to argue with him.

Then his eyes turned back to natural organic green.

"Nevermind," he said.

"I'll send someone for your new clothes, and get down by 8," he ordered.

"I don't like the smell of him from you," I heard him mumble making me confused.

He closed the door making me stick my middle finger behind him.

"What's wrong with guys lately," I asked myself feeling crazy for the moment.

"Are they on period?" I giggled at my joke I use to tease Michael when he gets moody.

I miss him.

And Luke.

I don't know why but I felt like whenever Luke's here, he made me feel safe and comfortable.

I feel happy around him.


A/N: short? I'm sorry.

It's unedited.

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