The demon within (ON HOLD)

"Uhhh..." I stuttered clearly unable to form a sentence as this hot guy is standing a few meter away from me asking if I want to spend some time to get to know each other.

'Fuck, Maxy, you're losing him, where's the cool Maxy, gosh,' my mind scolded me also freaking out. I can tell she's glowing red and rolling her eyes at me for being mute when in fact, I'm opposite of mute.

"Umm, Maxy? You there?", Loius waved his hand trying to snap me out of my thoughts.
But before I can respond better, an arm hung loosely on my shoulder making me jump in fear. Who does that?

"I believe she's stuttering because she's thinking of a reason to reject you, punk," Luke said not breaking an eye contact with him.

'Oh no! Why does Luke always have to ruin perfect moments' my thoughts growled making me agree with her mentally.

Give this book a try to finish the summary above;)

If it doesn't make sense, I recommend you to read the whole book to get the characters more.

It's unedited so many errors may be spotted.

And I may not update everyday as I maybe busy but I'll try to update as fast as possible, so don't be angry if I haven't update in like many days.


5. chapter 3: part 3

Part 3:

Then an awkward silence happened...

"So..." Luke said breaking the silence staring straight into my eyes.

I was lost at words but then it all came back to me.

"Ah yes, you see my friend here has a 'secret crush' on your friend so..." I said trying to make him understand.

"I get it but do you really want to sleep with a guy?" He asked.

I just shrugged. I have no objections in sleeping with a guy really unless I feel really uncomfortable but something tells me Luke is safe to be with.

"As long as you don't take any advantages," I replied making him smirk. I mentally face palmed myself.

Then he laughed. Ugh, his laughter is the most cutest thing I've ever heard.

"Hey this isn't funny," I pushed him lightly making him tumble a bit.

His laughter dies soon but still have a smile evident on his face.

I rolled my eyes.

"Don't worry, I don't do sex," he casually said.

A question pooped on my mind making me eager to ask him.

"So are you a Virgin?" I asked with him nodding as his response.

Half of my emotions are jumping of joy that Luke is a virgin but I just pushed those thoughts away. 'Infatuation love' I told myself.

"Oh," was all I can say before staring blank into the tile floor.

"Are you?" He mumbled almost as if he was shy enough to ask me. I chuckled.

"Hmm" I hummed.

"So it's a yes?" I asked.

"Yea I guess," he said hands his pockets.


Luke started walking away and I followed after into the living room to be greeted with Michael and Ashton.

"Took you long enough" Michael whispered making me chuckle.

"Well, I did got his response didn't i?"

"Yea true, and thank you," Michael sighed in defeat and smiled, the brightest smile I've ever seen by him.

My phone soon vibrated alerting me with one notification:

From: unknown

I can't wait x


"Can't wait for what?" I thought before putting away my phone.

Something tells me there's something wrong...


A/N: I'm stopping this chapter and moving on. The next chapter is Luke's POV whereby one of the characters will be m-..... ;) ITS UNEDITED!!!

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