The demon within (ON HOLD)

"Uhhh..." I stuttered clearly unable to form a sentence as this hot guy is standing a few meter away from me asking if I want to spend some time to get to know each other.

'Fuck, Maxy, you're losing him, where's the cool Maxy, gosh,' my mind scolded me also freaking out. I can tell she's glowing red and rolling her eyes at me for being mute when in fact, I'm opposite of mute.

"Umm, Maxy? You there?", Loius waved his hand trying to snap me out of my thoughts.
But before I can respond better, an arm hung loosely on my shoulder making me jump in fear. Who does that?

"I believe she's stuttering because she's thinking of a reason to reject you, punk," Luke said not breaking an eye contact with him.

'Oh no! Why does Luke always have to ruin perfect moments' my thoughts growled making me agree with her mentally.

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4. chapter 3: part 2

Chapter 3: part 2

Once we pulled towards Luke's house, we knock on the door. The door opened revealing a smiling Ashton.

"Hi guys!" He greeted." My name's Ashton by the way," he smiled gesturing us to come in. I don't why I took baby steps when walking inside his house but somehow I did.

While I stepped inside, Michael and Ashton are behind me busy talking.

"My name's Michael, but you can call me mikey or whatever you prefer," he introduced himself to Aston making me roll my eyes.

"I know," Ashton replied.

Michael raised his eyebrows making Ashton stutter. "I mean, Lukee told me your name," he reasoned. "Oh," was all Michael said before awkward silence filled in.

Somehow, I look away from them focusing on Luke's house instead.

His house is simple really. White walls, living room, bedrooms, kitchen and all that makes up a house. Not to fancy or too dull, just simple. ( I'm sorry, I'm not good at describing the picture of a house, so it's short )

Then my averted upstairs and made a brief eye contact with the owner of this house: Luke.

We had been staring at each other for a good minute before Ashton interrupted us.

"Umm, guys so now we know each other..." He was cut off by Michael.

"Shit!" Michael cursed. All eyes trained on him with confusion.

"What is it mate?" Aston asked.

"I forgot to bring my underwear for tonight," he replied sheepishly making Ashton smirked a bit.

"Don't worry mate, you can borrow mine," he says wiggling hie eyebrows making Michael blush.

Michael mumbled a thank you trying to cover up his red face tomato.


"LUKE!!! TRUTH OR DARE??" Michael shouted feeling a bit tipsy since he drank a few cups of beer.

We had been in the living room for the past few hours literally doing random things from watching television to trying out different brands of beers ( which I personally didn't drink a single ) to playing cards, hide and seek and truth or dare.

Luke growled lying upside down on the couch while Ashton passed out on the floor near the television. They literally drank the whole can of beers and now here drunk, leaving me wide awake for the whole night.

"Mhmm, uhhh," Luke thought about it with one eye opened. I literally laughed at both of them seeing drunk people for the first time.

"Guys let's all head to bed, yeah?" I announced as I turned off the t.v and cleared up all our mess.

"But I still want to play truth or daree," Michael whines giving me his puppy eyes.

Oh no not the eyes! He may be drunk but he still sure knows how to win over something.

"Yeaaa maxxx, I want to playy too," Luke said trying to imitate him but failed.

"Ugh fine, but let's not wake Ashton up," I suggested and they both nodded.

"Let's play in the bedroom okay? And clear up the living room first," I ordered and they reluctantly obeyed.

After we're done clearing up, we all headed to the bedroom.

"Why can't you carry him max," Michael said as he and Luke are struggling carrying Ashton upstairs which for me it is entertaining.

"Bruh, I'm a girl, girls don't carry heavy guys," I pointed out.

"I'm not heavy," Ashton mumbled, seems like someone's paying attention.

"Whatever, let's just get this over with," Luke replied.

"Careful," I said. Once they were nearing the bed, Luke and Michael made an eye contact and threw Ashton hard making him growled.

"Ouch. What was that for?" Ashton said while rubbing his head on the floor. I just shrugged with a hint of laughter in between my lips, and so does Luke and Michael.

"Oops," they both innocently replied causing Ashton to glare at them.

The beer they drank seems to wear off on Luke but Michael and Aston are still dead drunk.


"Fuck why?" Luke asked in confusion.

"Hun, I don't fuck with guys like you, maybe someone like her," Michael played it cool pointing towards me. I laughed at his lame joke or is it even a joke?

"Michael.." Luke warns receiving a smirk from Ashton.

"Awww, it's okay, I'll sleep with you Luke," he offered.

Michael snaps his head towards me and mumbled 'help me' with his puppy eyes I can't resist.

"Luke uhh can I talk to you for a sec," I said earning his attention. He nods and follows me.

I led him inside the kitchen for a better privacy. Not that he don't mind.

Then an awkward silence happened...


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