The demon within (ON HOLD)

"Uhhh..." I stuttered clearly unable to form a sentence as this hot guy is standing a few meter away from me asking if I want to spend some time to get to know each other.

'Fuck, Maxy, you're losing him, where's the cool Maxy, gosh,' my mind scolded me also freaking out. I can tell she's glowing red and rolling her eyes at me for being mute when in fact, I'm opposite of mute.

"Umm, Maxy? You there?", Loius waved his hand trying to snap me out of my thoughts.
But before I can respond better, an arm hung loosely on my shoulder making me jump in fear. Who does that?

"I believe she's stuttering because she's thinking of a reason to reject you, punk," Luke said not breaking an eye contact with him.

'Oh no! Why does Luke always have to ruin perfect moments' my thoughts growled making me agree with her mentally.

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3. chapter 3: girl you're not even dating him! ( part 1 )

Chapter 3: Girl you're not even dating him! ( Part 1 )

"Can you fucking stop fidgeting!" Luke growled as I toss and turn beside him and can't seem to sleep.

"Sorry mr grumpy pants, you're too fat and takes up most of the space," I said sarcastically.

"You welcome," he whispered before I knew it, he fell asleep.

How could he even sleep with these conditions?

"Maybe because you're picky," he retorted.

"I thought you're asleep," I questioned.

"I thought you're asleep," he mimicked with a high pitched tone. Which is kinda cute.

"I'm going to sleep," he said.

"Sure, whatever," I commented before closing my eyes shut.


A few hours earlier:

"Hey girlfriend!" Michael cheered as he made his way towards me. Oh yeah, Michael is gay and he has a crush on Ashton ( a newbie in our school who went a few weeks ago ).

"Hey!" I greeted happily.

"So, I bumped into ash today and we talked..." He casually said.

"Wait, is that why you abandoned me for him during ALMOST all of our lessons?" I fake gasped.

"Well duh, and I'm sorry, I just-," I cut him off before he starts rambling. Things will get ugly if he does.

"I get it, I understand he's your 'all time' crush and you wouldn't miss it for the world." I answered giving him a assuring smile.

"Thanks, that's why we're friends, forgive and forget," he smirked.

"What's with the smirking?" I asked.

"Your cutie pie there is making his way here," he winked.

Before I can even ask, I can smell his husky breath on my neck making me shiver.

"Hey!" Luke says while nearing towards my back inhaling my scent which made me think that he is an immortal or something. That's weird.

I turned around to stop the awkwardness between us and smiled greeting him mentally.

"Hello? Earth to Maxy," Michael waves clearing my thoughts away.

"Huh yeah?" I asked trying not to embarrassed myself in front of them both.

"As I was saying, Luke invites us to his house for some hang out and Ashton is gonna be there too," he says hopefully with sparkling eyes making me struck in awe.

"So....?" I asked not getting the point. Obviously I'm faking as I will feel very awkward.

"Would you want to go with them?" He asked. How could I not say no to this guy.

"Sure yeah," I shrugged.

"Great, we will have lots of fun," he happily dances making me smile a bit. From the corner of my eyes, I can see Luke smiling as well although he seldom does that.


Michael and I are now walking towards Luke's house since he told us the directions.

"Are we there yet?" Michael whines while wiping the sweats forming on his forehead.

"Yes your highness, we're almost there, if it weren't for your broken car, we wouldn't be here exhausted." I replied.

There I can see him smirking which means he did it on purpose.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

" do what?" He questioned acting innocent.

"Your car being 'broke down'!" I growled.

Seriously, why would he do that.

"I thought you were gonna say yes when Luke offered to fetch us, I didn't know you're gonna reject his offer," he shrugged.

"That's because it looks like I'm taking advantage or something,"

"Girl, you're not even dating him," he said.

"I know," I whispered.



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