The demon within (ON HOLD)

"Uhhh..." I stuttered clearly unable to form a sentence as this hot guy is standing a few meter away from me asking if I want to spend some time to get to know each other.

'Fuck, Maxy, you're losing him, where's the cool Maxy, gosh,' my mind scolded me also freaking out. I can tell she's glowing red and rolling her eyes at me for being mute when in fact, I'm opposite of mute.

"Umm, Maxy? You there?", Loius waved his hand trying to snap me out of my thoughts.
But before I can respond better, an arm hung loosely on my shoulder making me jump in fear. Who does that?

"I believe she's stuttering because she's thinking of a reason to reject you, punk," Luke said not breaking an eye contact with him.

'Oh no! Why does Luke always have to ruin perfect moments' my thoughts growled making me agree with her mentally.

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1. ohh that chuckle would be the death of me

Chapter 1: Ohh, that chuckle would be the death of me

"MAXY ELIZABETH GORDON!!! YOU'RE GODDAMN LATE!!! THE BUS IS ARRIVING SOON!!!" My mother yelled waking me up of my beauty sleep.

I can tell she's really angry mainly because of two reasons: she knows I hate it when she calls my middle name or even full name and she only say bad words when she's frustrated. So that's sums up about it.

Without another minute of wasting, I went straight into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Luckily, I took a bath last night so I just tied my hair into a ponytail and rushed to my closet.

People say girls have many clothes that even the whole house can't fit all of them. But that's just bullshit, my closet consists of only a quarter of it with clothes and one-third filled with posters, CDs and other secretive stuff I mainly would not want to share.

I stripped off my pajamas and went for a cozy shirt with a flannel on top and jeans for the bottom. I have a very weird obsession with flannel shirts. It's a weird theory no one would know.

After changing I took my backpack and went down the staircase to see a very furious mom. 'Oh no, I'm in deep shit,' I told myself.

"Maxy the bus just went off, why were you so late?" My mom asked and I just bit my lip unable to think of a excuse.

"Maxy? You're watching in your room again till late night right?" She questioned. Well, so much for asking a question when you answered it yourself.

"Yes but I-," I got cut off when a knock on the door was heard.

"That's him, we'll talked later, you're late so open the door," she ordered and I just nod in response.

"That's who?" I asked, getting closer to the door.

"You're father's officer's son," she answered.

I open the door to see a tall blonde dude standing gorgeously on the door. He smiled showing me his perfect white teeth while a lip piercing on his bottom lip. His attire was simple: a white shirt with a leather jacket and some jeans.

'Damn' I eye rapped him. Somehow, his face looks very familiar.

"Darling he's name is Luke," my mom introduced cutting me from dreaming any longer.

"Since you're late, and he's new to this neighborhood, I would like you to join him in going to school," she explained. I could tell she's smirking seeing me suffer with every other boys.

Allow me to explain why: every boy that's new in this community, my mom would always find a way to introduced them to me which honestly sucks. Somehow, it's like a blind date with a total stranger. Yup, that's my mom. She thinks I'm an anti-social person and would die alone.

"Okay," I replied glaring at her after closing the door.

I stepped inside the passenger's seat while Luke guy did as well.

The journey to school was silent. Not a comfortable but a deadly one. I could tell he's thinking hard about something since he pulled off the look of a bad boy. His attention on the road doesn't break as if our lives depend on them.

I gulped. I don't know what to do in these situations.

'Stay quiet you nuthead,' my mind scolded me. Sometimes I think, my mind is smarter than me myself.

"Is this the school you're taking?" He broke the silence we're having with his deep husky voice.

"Yea," I squeaked making him chuckled.

Ohhh, that chuckle would be the death of me.

I threw him a glare making him chuckle more.

"Fine, laugh all you want, I'm seriously late," I huffed made him shut his mouth.

"It's okay princess, we're only 30 minutes late I guess," he shrugged.

"Yea, thanks to your slow driving," I said sarcastically.

"You welcome," he winked making me blush like a very big red tomato. I wish it was a potato but that would be brown.

He unlocked the door gesturing me to get out.

"Bye princess," he smiled making my heart melt.

What's with these hormones, they won't stop.

"Wait aren't you going to school?" I asked.

"Maybe tomorrow, I've got some errands to attend to," he answered while closing the window car and drove to his destination.

"Whatever," I sighed as another big hell is coming in my way, which I mean- SCHOOL.


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