One Less Lonley Girl?

Justin is out all day traveling around the world. One day he goes out with a friend. Couple hours later some fans pass by and notice him.They all go to justin but there is one girl that catches his attention. IMMEDIATELY he feels a connection with this girl. They meet but as the girl leaves justin has this feeling of not wanting her to go...Sooner or later he goes on tour. Unexpectedly his 'one less lonely girl' ends up being the girl he couldnt stop thinking of. He takes her backstage and things get VERY interesting. As time goes on her notices there is something OFF about her.What is it? Read on and find out!


8. Where's Kayla?

I woke up still on the couch that was in that warehouse. I groaned feeling a little stiff on my neck. I sat up and looked around. Um where's Kayla? i stood on my feet looking around, no sign of her anywhere! What the hell. I quickly took out my phone and dialed her number. As it was ringing i tapped my foot nervously waiting to hear her beautiful voice. "Hello..?" she said slowly while my eyes lit up in happiness and relief. "Where are you?!" i said anxiously waiting for her reply. "Oh um Justin this, well Us needs to stop." she said. My smiled dropped and confusion spread across my face."what do you mean?" i asked. "Justin theres something i haven't told you and if i do you might not ever wanna see me again so its best for us to split..goodbye" she said and with that she hung up. No no no wait! "FUCK" i screamed in frustration. I hate that she always does this to me. First, were fine and a happy couple the next were not even a couple anymore. i walked out that warehouse while trying to make myself look decent. It was about 2 in the afternoon i had to get back to scooter or he will be pissed at me. I got into my car while starting it shortly after. I zoomed to my house while parking it and going inside. The whole crew was there. This can't be good.. "Hey guys" i said trying to break the tention. They all glared at me. "Justin in like 10 minutes we have got to get to the studio, you know that!" he shouted at me while throwing his packet of paper on the couch. "woah dude um im sorry i forgot but im here now" i said while patting him on the shoulder. He pushed me away while pacing back and fourth around the living room. I sighed and decided just to go upstairs and get dressed already. I put on my black shirt with my light skinny ripped jeans and my plad cover over my shirt. I brushed out my hair and slicked it back where i put on my hat to top everything off. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my back pack while hurrying down stairs. "Yo lets go fellas!" i said while grabbing a water. "About Danm Time" Kenny said while he folded his arms. We all rushed to the studio. I sent Kayla at lest 5 messages and 2 calls. She would not answer me or pick up her phone. I'm really really starting to worry about her. Whats her secret? "Hey man" scooter said while snapping at me. "In there, now" he said while pointing to the studio door. I walked in not even knowing what song i was gonna do. I haven't even wrote one up yet. As i put on my headphones everything just started flowing in. I had all these thoughts of what to say in my head everything just clicked perfectly together. "Girl you don't know how i feel.." i sang my heart away all my feelings away. They were all about Kayla. Thats when i made a new song to go perfectly into my 'Journals' Album thats gonna be coming out soon. 'Heartbreaker' was made.


Sorry for short chapter and slow update but ill be updating more often! COMMENT,LIKE,FAVORITE

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