One Less Lonley Girl?

Justin is out all day traveling around the world. One day he goes out with a friend. Couple hours later some fans pass by and notice him.They all go to justin but there is one girl that catches his attention. IMMEDIATELY he feels a connection with this girl. They meet but as the girl leaves justin has this feeling of not wanting her to go...Sooner or later he goes on tour. Unexpectedly his 'one less lonely girl' ends up being the girl he couldnt stop thinking of. He takes her backstage and things get VERY interesting. As time goes on her notices there is something OFF about her.What is it? Read on and find out!


9. Reuniting



I haven't talked to Justin all week. I feel so terrible but what can i do? My secret is so bad and heartbreaking. I don't know if I'm ready to confess. My aunt came into my hospital room. "Hello honey you alright?" she spoke softly while closing the door. "Yeah, everything's all good.." No everything wasn't really good. But i kept lying to everyone. Why? Why do i do this. Uh Kayla your so stupid! "Has the doctors said anything yet? any updates on your health?" he said concerned while holding my hand. I sat up and rubbed my head. "No Mom I'm sure I'm Fine though.." i said but come on we all know I'm lying here. I just didn't know how to tell my aunt or even anyone! I don't want no one to feel bad for me or cry for me. It's such a big step to take..well at least if your in my position."Honey everything is gonna be alright!" she said as i felt the shakiness in her voice. I pulled my hand away from hers. My anger built up as my heart raced in anger. "No! Nothing is ever gonna be alright! shut up with that bullshit already!!" I screamed at her in anger. I hate when they say that kind of bs to me. We all know I'm gonna die sooner or later. She sat in her chair in complete shock with tears rolling down her face. "Auntie, I'm sorry but just get out.." i sighed as i watched her leave. Oh did i mention to you guys? That i... Kayla Williams has cancer? Yep had it for the longest time ever. Since i was bout 5 now I'm 18 but im sure as hell i won't make it to 19. This is my secret I'm keeping from Justin. I can't tell him! I took off my wig and sat it down on my side table i barely even had hair. When i don't have my wig on i have my bandana wrapped around my head. I felt my phone buzzing - guess who? - You guessed correct- It's Justin. I get happy every time i see his messages and his phone calls. I decided to answer, i couldn't hold back anymore. "Justin justin wait hear me out! i love you so much and im sorry for not answ-" before i could finish pouring my heart out to him he interrupted me. "Baby, its alright but where have you been?!" - "There something i need to tell you as soon as possible but over the phone isn't good lets meet up." i said hoping he would agree. "Sure, i'll pick you up.." he spoke then he hung up. I quickly got up from my bed and ripped off all the wires that were on me and put on my wig.I ran outside into the lobby in my hospital dress still on. "oops" i said under my breath as i saw people stare at me like i was a maniac. I went back into my room and got out the folded clothes that were in my bag. I put on my white long sleeved shirt and my black leggins with my Kombat boots. I quickly ran out and went into my car. I am so nervous to confess to him but im so excited to see his gorgeousness.




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