One Less Lonley Girl?

Justin is out all day traveling around the world. One day he goes out with a friend. Couple hours later some fans pass by and notice him.They all go to justin but there is one girl that catches his attention. IMMEDIATELY he feels a connection with this girl. They meet but as the girl leaves justin has this feeling of not wanting her to go...Sooner or later he goes on tour. Unexpectedly his 'one less lonely girl' ends up being the girl he couldnt stop thinking of. He takes her backstage and things get VERY interesting. As time goes on her notices there is something OFF about her.What is it? Read on and find out!


5. Date Night

I asked scooter to help me contact this girl, surprisingly i found her email (@kaylaislove7) I emailed her saying (Kayla its justin please give me a chance and hear me out, talk to me. Im trusting you with my number you are special to me(: Dont give it out.811-345-786, Call me babe). Sure i sounded like a fuckboy but trust me I'm not that type of guy. Though i have never been in love, all my past relationships was just infatuation. But Kayla? Oh Kayla she gives me the feels.About an hour later i got a call and it was kayla! Of course. Her sweet angel soft voice carrying me off to cloud 9. Her greeting me with a "Hello, How are you?" . "Hey sweetie pie, i really wanna take you out on a date i mean you have my number, the one and only Justin Bieber's number, you can't reject me now." i said chuckling a bit after. She giggled and said "Well I guess not so when?". Her words going through my ears felt like i had won over an Angel from above. "I'll pick you up at your house but i wanna go at 12 midnight you know when we actually will have privacy, what do you say babe?" silence took over just for a short minute. "Sure" She said while giving me relief. I got off the phone and saved her number, she made me feel so wonderful inside something that i had never felt with someone i have been with before.

>Next Day<

I impatiently waited for it to be 12 pm though it was only 10pm, time needed to hurry up. I took a look over myself in the mirror just to make sure i looked good. Ha what am i kidding? I always look good. I wore my deep colored shirt with my black ripped jeans and of course my white vans. Slicking my hair back and into a black beenie. I had my black watch on where i constantly looked at the time. "Dude calm down, Your going on a date with her relax" said scooter while slightly shaking me by gripping my shoulder. "But im nervous and i've never felt like this about anyone but her." i said while taking a sip of my water to calm my nerves."i know just don't blow it justin" he said while leaving the room. His words making me more nervous, When have i ever blown my chances on a date? Never! Soon enough it was 12 and i had arrived at her house. I saw how her beautiful long brown hair swayed in the wind and her beautiful body fitting her skirt and top just right. She herself was seductive. I got out and hugged her and opened up the door for her like the gentlemen i am. She got in and placed herself in the passenger seat waiting for me to get in. "So where are we going, Bieber?" she said as a small giggle left her mouth. I turned and looked at her smiling "Oh just to a park where we are going to have the most loveliest picnic ever" . She chuckled and leaned back a little grabbing my hand softly. Her touch was so gentle, her skin was so soft, i felt like an angel had been holding me. We arrived to the park and i took her hand and lead her over to the spot we were gonna be sitting at. I layed out the blanket and put the food down. As she sat down i didn't take my eyes off of her sweet green eyes of hers. We ate and chatted just to get to know each other a little. After we layed side by side just looking up at the stars. "so whats your favorite thing to do? " i asked while turning my head a little just to stare at the side of her face, admiring her glow. She turned to look at me and oh those seductive lips got me also with her dreamy green eyes staring right at mine. "well i love to go on boat rides through the lake late at night.." her voice lowered as she finished her sentence. "why is that?" i said looking up at the beautiful stars in the night sky. Moments of silence took over as i heard what sounded like crying right next to me. I slowly stood and looked over at her. She was crying. "Did i do something that had upset you?!? Oh im so sorry!" i said desperately trying to make her stop. She got up and hugged me saying that it wasn't my fault. She pulled away explaining that her and her mom and dad use to do that with her until they died years ago. "im very sorry kayla" i said while seeing my angel cry which hurt my heart.  "Take me home! i wanna go now please Justin!" she said standing out by the car. i ran up to her and held her tightly while she cried into my shirt. "its alright just know im here." i said whispering in her ear. she looked up to me with teary eyes and said "Thank you, i never told anyone about this i was so afraid of judgement.." she sobbed while finishing her sentence. I lifted up her face while caressing her face with my hand and right there i leaned in and kissed this wonderful beauty. No tongue fighting or lip biting happened just a passionate single long kiss. I truly felt like we'd known each other for years. I took her home that night and watched her angelic self walk into her house safely then zoomed back to my house. Damn, She was in my head all night.

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