One Less Lonley Girl?

Justin is out all day traveling around the world. One day he goes out with a friend. Couple hours later some fans pass by and notice him.They all go to justin but there is one girl that catches his attention. IMMEDIATELY he feels a connection with this girl. They meet but as the girl leaves justin has this feeling of not wanting her to go...Sooner or later he goes on tour. Unexpectedly his 'one less lonely girl' ends up being the girl he couldnt stop thinking of. He takes her backstage and things get VERY interesting. As time goes on her notices there is something OFF about her.What is it? Read on and find out!


4. Believe

*Concert day* i rehearsed my songs and went over my dance moves just to perfect myself. i wanted this night to be special for all my fans out in the crowd,since i was gonna be retired for quit sometime. My mom walked towards me "Justin come one your about to go on stage lets say our prayers." we all gathered saying our prayers and finishing it with an Amen. I was onstage and the music started, i was having fun and so was the crowd. I worked hard on my performances and gave the best ones for everyone in the crowd. It was the last 30 minutes of my concert and 'one less lonely girl' was the final performance for the night.I was singing and they brought the 'one less lonely girl' up on stage. i grabbed the flowers that i had to give her and sang away my heart. When i approached her i had realized that it was that same girl i couldn't stop thinking about. My mood just got 10x better! I stroked her arms and handed her the flowers. I clutched her face gently with my hand. She had the most prettiest smile ever. At the end of the song we ran away off stage together. I had talked to scooter before changing and going back upstage. I told him to hold her backstage so she could meet me after my very last performance.After saying later to all my fans i went backstage and went to the room she was in.Right when i walked up to her she hugged me and said "great performance Justin! i loved it!" then she looked at me with her big beautiful green eyes. I smiled really big like i dont know she made me feel like i was at home.She was concerned on why she was held back. I told her she was very special to me that i felt a connection with her and i wanted to really get to know her as a normal person, not famous Justin just normal Justin.She denied and explained that nothing SERIOUS would happen between us. "look justin thousands of girls are out there dying to hear that you wanna get to know them or even take them out on a date and im just not that 'girl' it would never work,we would never have privacy." I felt like someone has kicked me right at my heart. "b-but why? It will work i promise! We will have privacy i could take you away from here!" i said trying to change her mind. But i had no luck. She eventually left and i was stuck there again not knowing any information about her except that her name was kayla..


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