One Less Lonley Girl?

Justin is out all day traveling around the world. One day he goes out with a friend. Couple hours later some fans pass by and notice him.They all go to justin but there is one girl that catches his attention. IMMEDIATELY he feels a connection with this girl. They meet but as the girl leaves justin has this feeling of not wanting her to go...Sooner or later he goes on tour. Unexpectedly his 'one less lonely girl' ends up being the girl he couldnt stop thinking of. He takes her backstage and things get VERY interesting. As time goes on her notices there is something OFF about her.What is it? Read on and find out!


7. At the Diner

I waited in my car patiently waited outside of Kayla's house. Then i saw her come out the house in this lovely black dress with her black and gold heels. Oh god she was sexy. She walked up to the car while getting in. "Hey Justin" She said as she turned her head to me while smiling. Oh Fuck she was wearing red lipstick. EVEN HOTTER. As i tried to control myself i managed to say "Hey Baby Doll" while i smirked at her then driving off. "So where is this so called 'fancy place' we will be going to?" she said teasingly. "Don't worry bout it." i said while chuckling a bit. I pulled into the parking lot. "OMG WERE EATING AT 'SPENCERS DINER'? " she said while looking up at it and smiling. "Yeah? Thats alright?" i asked while laughing at her reaction a bit. I wrapped one arm around her while leading her in. "Its cause this place is highly expensive" she said while gazing at the door. "Dont worry shawty its all good" i said while smirking. I opened up the door and let her go in. "Bieber sir this way" The waiter said while escorting us to a window seat. We sat down. "You like?" i said while grabbing her hand and locking fingers with her. "Yes this is so lovely." she said softly while smiling at me. The waiter came with champagne. He put down two wine glasses and poured the champagne in. "Enjoy" he said while walking away back to his station. "sip up babe" i said while lifting the glass to my lip, slowly taking in a sip. Then one glass after another from me and her. "Ah, my head hurts" she chuckled while placing her hands to her face. We must had stayed there for hours because one of the waiters told us they were closing in a few. "Damn we stayed that long" i said while stretching in my seat. "yeah" she giggled. I grabbed her hand "come on!" then i ran with her out the door while paying. After we were out the diner i pushed her up against a wall. Putting both hands on her waist while kissing her neck softly. She tugged on the caller of my jacket while her warm breath made its way to the surface of my neck. "You like that?" i smirked at her while placing a small kiss on her lips. "Lets go" i said while grabbing a hold of her waist in my hand. "Where are we going?" she said while looking at the side of me. "Some place where we have privacy. " i said while winking at her and leading her into this warehouse. There was a couch and a lot of boxes scattered around the place. I layed her down on the couch while pressing my body down on top of her. I kissed her lips while trying to let my tongue in. So i grabbed at her ass really hard as she gasped while i slowly placed my tongue to hers.She had her arms wrapping around my neck as her legs were wrapped around my waist. I felt her pressing her body up against mine letting me know that she wanted attention.


I started to rub against Justin's body hoping that he'd get my message. Then he pulled away his lips from mine while pulling my body closer to his. I can't believe this was actually happening. Were we practically about to have sex? He then rubbed up against me. With both of us moving at the same pace, i was sure to reach my final point in minutes. "Justin" i moaned while scratching his back up in pleasure. "I know baby" he said while his hot breath hit my neck. In just a few strokes i was done. I had released the moans i was holding in. As we both layed there breathlessly. We ended up falling asleep there.


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