Permanent Vacation | 5sos

Everyone wants to be in California, right ?


2. two̸

I swallowed any excitement that I had and locked it away. I mean I couldn't act like a loser in front of one the worlds biggest band.

"Who the hell are they?" I asked Owen confidently.

"You know who we are" Michael said matter of factly with a grin on his face.

Oh hell no.

Who does this cocky little fuckboy think he is?

"Sorry Sierra I was on the phone with the owner of the Daisy line, who was at the-"

She couldn't even finish as soon as she saw the 5 boys in our living room.

She stood there with her mouth hanging low.

"There we go" I said stepping over and closing her jaw.

"Owen what in the hell?" Was all she could say.

"Okay okay. Let me explain" Owen started.

"Yeah that'd be good" I cut him off.

I looked at the boys around me.

Well they definitely made themselves at home.

Ashton sat at the couch with his feet propped up on the ottoman, bopping his head to the music blaring from his headphones. He was wearing black skinny jeans, black combat boots, and an distressed oversized shirt. His hair was curly and framed his glasses quite nicely.

Luke laid across the couch looking up at his phone. He wore black jeans with black vans and a Nirvana shirt.

Michael was looking out the large window that overlooked the city.

He must've recently dyed his hair because there was a ring of blue around the collar of his Pokemon shirt. And oh let me guess, black skinny jeans with black vans.

Calum stood with Michael overlooking the city.

He wore an oversized navy blue flannel that wasn't quite buttoned at the chest. And coincidently wore black skinny jeans with converse.

"Okay so the guys have a few shows in LA in the next week and they were suppose to stay in my loft but as soon as they walked in the manager threw a hissy fit. Saying that they were to much publicity and their fans caused a fire hazard" he finished rolling his eyes.

"So rent some hotel rooms?" I asked like he was crazy.

"Well I tried but no hotel can book an entire floor to them in such short notice", he explained, "sooooo Hanna, I was wondering if they could stay here because you're the only person with a loft big enough that I trust to not makes this 10 times bigger than it is" he finished.

"Uhhh I mean I'm okay with it. We have 2 guests rooms that they can share or 2 can take the couch, it's pretty comfy" she said nervously.

"A couch? Seriously, for a week? Can't we just rent a hotel room bigger than this place" Michael said with a snicker.

I glared at him, who knew he was such an asshole in real life.

"No Mikey, everything's booked and I trust them" Owen said looking at him.

Michael huffed and said "okay man" in a snug tone.

"Awh you want us to play sleepover with a boyband. How fan fiction of you" I directed towards Owen but glared at Michael.

Yes I said boy band, but only to piss Michael off since he was being so pretentious.

"Yes so play nicely" Hanna said with a smirk.

I huffed and went to the kitchen to grab a water.

"So it's a yes?" Owen said half relaxed.

"Well I have no problem. But you need sierra's consent too" Hanna said.

"Oh thank god, guys she said yes, all we need now is her roommate" Owen said to the guys.

"We wouldn't be too much of an imposition" Ashton called and Luke added a "yeah" in addition.

"It's only a week. You wouldn't let us be homeless for a week would you?" Calum said with puppy dog eyes.


I cave way too easily.

"Okay, Okay just don't bring your one night stands around cuz I can't stand that shit" I half joked. I really didn't like it, but I just said it because well because I'm too fucking awkward.

"Oh don't worry, we never bring them home" Michael said with a douchebag smile.

"Charming" I said full of sarcasm before walking toward my room.

"Get a load of the sexual tension in this room" calum muttered through his teeth causing everyone to laugh.

Except me of course.

I stopped walking and turned around.

Their eyes widened and a profanity escaped calum's lips.

"He's not my type", I said with a bitchy smirk.

"Shame only one of you is" I said matter of factly in an unsatisfied tone.

I turned on my heel and started for my bedroom again.

"Who??" Calum called out anxiously.

Poor boy; oblivious to the obvious.

"There's 4 of you; figure it out" I said without looking back.

"Is it me?" Michael said and I could see the smirk plastered on his face without even looking at him.

"You have a 25% chance, as do The rest of you" I said before making it completely down the hall.


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