Permanent Vacation | 5sos

Everyone wants to be in California, right ?


1. o̸ne




"Can't you count in your he-"


Hanna said with a smirk before doing another sit-up.

I rolled my eyes, she was such child but I loved her.

From her free spirit and green dip dyed hair, to her chokers and sarcastic yet friendly persona.

"Oh but you can repeat 8-counts aloud for hours when you're making up a new routine" she said rolling her eyes.

"Touché" I replied, grabbing juice from the fridge and settling at the breakfast bar.

"Stressed Out" by Twenty-One Pilots started echoing through the room.

I glanced over my shoulder but she hadn't even budged; this girl couldn't hear for shit.

"Han your phone is ringing" I notified her matter of factly.

She made a face of reluctant dismay.

"Well who is it?"

"Hmm Owen?" I said looking at her phone, obviously one of her friends I've never met.

"Uggggghhhh toss it" she said getting off her workout mat by the window that overlooked the city.

I tossed it and it almost landed on the hardwood floor that filled our loft.


I'm clumsy what do you expect.

"You better have a damn good reason to disturb my workout" Hanna said through the phone, half heartedly of course.

"Favor ? What kind of favor?" Was all I heard before walking through the wide French doors that led to the balcony.

I stripped from my sundress that covered my bathing suit and jumped into the pool.

I swam back up to the surface and met face to face with Hanna.

"FUCKING HELL HAN" I said splashing her lightly.

"What'd I do ??" She protested from her seat at the edge of the pool.

"You can't just appear out of no where!" I said dramatically even though I was well over it.

"Well ya-know we kinda fucking live together so get used to it" she said casually.

"You know what I mean" I glared, "anyways who's Owen and what does he want" I asked.

"I believe Owen is my friend and called my phone" she said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and continued to swim around.

"No but I really do have to tell- well ask you anyways" she stated.

"So ask"

"Well Owen said he had a huge favor to ask of me and he'd be here in a few"

"What does that have to do with me?" I asked.

"If you'd be so kind to let me finish", she said and kicked water at me, "he said he needs to ask "my roommate" as well, so apparently it has everything to do with you".

"Me? I don't even know him?" I said genuinely confused.

What the hell is he trying to do.

"Yeah well knowing Owen, it'll be weird as fuck. But he's on his way so we'll find out soon enough" she said standing up and drying her feet off.

I nodded and dove back under the water.

"We need to go to the beach soon. I'm tired of the pool" I said as soon as I came up for air.

"Yeah. When would we find the time? When we're not running the website?" She asked sarcastically.

"Well we need something new for the blog anyways. I was thinking something about summer since it just started." I said.

"Oh yeah and that new line "daisy" from pac sun wants us to sponsor their summer collection" she answered.

"Is it even cute?" I asked with a sour expression.

"It pays the rent. So it's fucking adorable" she answered bluntly, "I'll make some calls, and we'll shoot for Saturday, hopefully the beach isn't packed"

"Oh no, a beach in LA on a weekend, it'll be empty as fuck" I teased.

Hanna made a face at me before going back inside.

I laughed continued to swim before I heard the doorbell.

I waited a couple seconds but I didn't hear Hanna rushing through the house.

"HANNA THE DOOR" I yelled, but no response.

"Dammit" I whispered to myself before rushing out of the pool and wrapping a towel around me before heading to the door.

The doorbell rang 3 times rapidly.

"Oh Kay calm down I'm here" I said as I opened it.

A tall blond guy smiled and waved with his fingers.

"Uh hi, Owen?" I questioned.

"That's me, you must be Hanna's roommate. Where is she?" He asked trying to look through the doorway and around the living room.

"I don't know, she's here somewhere tho, uhh you can wait in here for her" I said standing aside and pointing to the living room.

He smiled politely before walking past me, I was about to close the door and follow him but a tall tan man with Carmel curly hair walked in.

Followed by a tall blue haired pale man that smiled awkwardly at me as he passed.

After him a tall boy with a blonde quiff Passed me and offered a quick handshake.

Then a tall tan boy with black hair and smiled plastered on his face walked in and met them all in the living room.

I stood dumbfounded for a moment before looking outside for any other unsuspected men to bombard our house today.

I looked at the 5 men in my living room.

Why the hell was 5 seconds of summer standing in my house?

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