Destined ➵ l.r.h.

"You have to do this Emma, you were born for this."

"Maybe I don't want to."


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The Intelligent

- Emma -

(will always be Emma's POV)

"Let's see... Emma! Why don't you tell me twenty-five squared?" My math teacher strutted over to me. Wonderful. Another question that I don't know that we learned in fifth grade! I can never remember anything. I'm extremely doltish, especially compared to everyone around me.

Heat raced to my cheeks as I stared at him. The pressure I felt in my chest was only rising as I quietly answered. "I don't know, sir..."

"Well Ms. Dallas, your parents would not be proud of that answer." He smirked. "Looks like fame isn't everything, eh?" Did he really just quote Severus Snape? Did he honestly just...

"I-I'm sorry... S-sir..." I muttered sheepishly as he walked away. All the teachers pick on me because of my parents. They're extremely famous in our coalition.

Our coalition is known for brilliance. There are thirteen coalitions and each is known for different aspects.

There's the intelligent, the creative, the technology nerds, the guardians, the athletes, the thinkers, the scientists, the nurturers, the entertainers, the inspirers, the artists, the socialists, and the musicians. Our ancestors chose their coalitions and now, we just do what our parents did.

I've never felt very smart. I feel like I would be better off in the creativity coalition, but I have no control over the government and how they do things. We all work together to make everything work. I don't want to go through the trouble of trying to switch my coalition because that takes a lot of work and most people that switch get murdered in time. Usually, the only transfers that happen are between related topics. We have many switches between the intelligent, the scientists, and the technologically experienced because they all require a lot of brains. Other transfers rarely ever happen, and many are forbidden. The one that I would make, intelligent to creative, is forbidden. If I suggested it, I could be put to death.

"Hey, don't let him get to you." My best friend, Lucifer, leaned over to me. "He's only trying to make you feel bad. He's jealous if anything." He whispered and gave me a soft smile. I smiled back and nodded slightly to show thanks. Lucifer doesn't belong here either. Every time I go to his house and walk by his room, I always hear a guitar and him singing. He has a beautiful voice. He should be in the musicians. I feel bad for him because he doesn't give two craps about school or anything. He was actually proven to be the dumbest in our entire coalition by testing. His mother, as our algebra teacher, was not proud of him at all for that. He tells me that she beat him with a belt for that.

Punishment in our coalitions is unfair in my opinion. First offense is yelling of course. Second offense is a belt whipping. Third offense is being publicly whipped, in front of the entire coalition. It's required that we watch all third offense whippings. I hate seeing the pain in their eyes and hearing them scream out in agony, but we unfortunately can't do anything about it or look away. Though, third level offenses don't happen often (thank god). Those are things like murders, stealing, and doing things that are only done in different coalitions.

Lucifer could easily be publicly whipped if they discover his guitar. He wandered off to the music coalition and bought it, then snuck it back. He constantly plays it and I'm always warning him about being careful with it. It was not very smart of him to wander over there in the first place. He could be put to death for that (which we would also have to watch). I constantly remind him to be careful about when he plays his guitar and sings. He's my best friend, but he can be pretty idiotic sometimes. I'm shocked that nobody has caught him with a third level offense yet.

I'm honestly scared for the day he does get caught doing a third level offense. First of all, his mother is very strict and he would never live it down, and he isn't very self-confident at all. Secondly, I would hate to see him get whipped. I would probably end up getting whipped myself for trying to save him. He really doesn't deserve it. He doesn't belong here in the first place. It isn't his fault that he's such a rebel, it's just simply the way he is, and nobody will ever change who Lucifer Robert Hemmings really is. Not even his assigned wife.

At the age of 18, we are required to take a quiz and they chose our spouse. I honestly hope it's Lucifer for me. I may never fall for him, but it would be heaps of fun to live with my best friend. Every time I go to his house, we have so much fun and it leaves us laughing for days. If we lived together, I would probably never stop smiling.

The scary thing is that I probably already have fallen for him. It's not my fault or my decision, but I don't expect any love in return. He would never fall for me. We've known each other for too long. We're too close. He wouldn't want to ruin our friendship, and it's illegal either way. We're allowed to like people, but we can't show any affection until we have a spouse. We are only allowed to hug the same gender. If we are caught hugging the other gender, we could be punished with a second level offense. Kissing is absolutely terrible. They caught some adults with other spouses kissing about a year ago. The male was put to death and the female was punished with a third level offense. It was his idea to kiss her, so that is why he was the one to die. I feel absolutely terrible for them because they loved each other more than they loved their assigned spouse.

The only coalitions that assign spouses are the intelligent, the scientists, the technologically experienced, and the athletes. It's simply because they don't want love to get in the way of our jobs. I certainly don't agree with that, because what if you love someone else? They would be all that's on your mind. They would be getting in the way more than anything if you wanted them. We are one of the least free of all the coalitions.

The bell rang just as my calculus teacher finished his rant. "Do page 497 for homework tonight!" He yelled, making the class cheer, before announcing that we were dismissed. I personally hate homework. Everyone else seems to love it, but I honestly can't stand it. I don't see what's so fun about it. People always tell me, it's like a puzzle... You have to get everything in the right place and sometimes it can be frustrating, but in the end, it's lots of fun! I honestly can't stand it and rarely ever do it. That is one of the many reasons why the teachers don't like me.

"Hey, wanna come over later?" Lucifer asked as I gathered all my papers and books into my ridiculously small book bag. They give us all the same book bag so nobody feels left out, but honestly, they could put in a little bit of extra money to get ones that we can actually fit things in, right?

"Of course!" I grinned and caught a glimpse of his amazing blue eyes. They always seem to sparkle, even in dark lighting. "I'll always come over if I can."

"Great!" He grinned and brushed my hair out of my face. I swung the heavy bag over my shoulders and began to hurl it outside into the hallways. Lucifer and I quickly wandered outside to walk to our next classes. In the hallways, it's way too crowded and the kids are all shoving each other and insulting everyone. Lucifer and I chose to avoid that and we go outside as much as we can. It just makes things easier and less stressful.

"I guess I'll see you around?" I smiled at Lucifer as he smiled back. He opened his arms, asking for a hug, but I denied it. He often forgets that we can't show our friendship in public. Because it could be a disturbance to the environment around us and we can only love our assigned spouse.

"Okay, see you later!" He grinned and started to walk off. I sighed and readjusted my bags before continuing to walk to my history class.

History class is my favorite class of all. They tell of time before the coalitions and why they were formed and of people that have gone against their coalitions. Terrible things happen to those people. We are supposed to hate those people. We are supposed to think that's wrong of them to do what they did. I never thought so. We had to write a report on our opinion on a rebel once and I opened up about agreeing with their ways. My teacher, Ms. Sanders, had to pull me aside and tell me why it was dangerous for me to write that. She secretly told me that she agreed, but we can't show that. I was glad to figure out that an adult agrees with me. It shows that I'm not just some stupid, rebellious teenager. Sure, I am, but not about that at least.

Ms. Sanders is one of the few people that I can connect with in my whole coalition. Her and Lucifer both. I'm not close with her, but she seems to understand me. She seems to get that I don't belong here. She's always giving us projects that require creativity and catching my eye while she assigns it, almost as if she wants to see if I like it. I always love doing her projects and essays. She says that I overdo it every time and brags on me to the class. I honestly don't want recognition, but she seems to think I like it. It can be nice sometimes, as many think I'm stupid. I would honestly do so much better out of the brainiac's coalitions. Anywhere but here would be wonderful...

* * *

"How was your day?" Lucifer asked while chucking his bag at his bunk bed. He didn't care about anything that had to do with school and didn't care if he ruined his binders or not.

"It was okay. Those extremely brilliant people picked on me a bit, but that was the worst of today. How was your day?" I questioned him back.

"It was fine." He shrugged before opening his arms, motioning for me to come into them. I approached him and fell into his arms. I love how he just pulls me in and cuddles with me. It's truly comforting for both of us.

"I'm going to be completely honest with you." He muttered into my ear softly. "I like hugging you."

"So do I." I muttered back into his shirt.

"I wish it wasn't restricted. It really makes everything nice." He said softly. I looked up at him and he looked down at me before kissing my forehead and standing up and walking over to his closet to obtain his guitar. "I wrote a song." He smiled before sitting down next to me again.

"La La La La La La Da Da
La La La La La La Da Da

Just a kid it's all the same
Growing up, it doesn't change
Who are they to try to put us down?
Had enough of what they say
Sick and tired of all their games
Stand up and sing it with me now

La La La La La La Da Da
La La La La La La Da Da

So save me from who I'm supposed to be
Don't wanna be a victim of authority
I'll always be a part of the minority
Save me from who I'm supposed to be
So tell me, tell me, tell me what you want from me
I don't wanna be another social casualty!

Just a girl turned 18
She ran away to chase her dreams
And they said she wouldn't make it far
She took a chance and packed her bags
She left town and didn't look back
So tired of wishing on the stars

La La La La La La Da Da
La La La La La La Da Da

So save me from who I'm supposed to be
Don't wanna be a victim of authority
I'll always be a part of the minority
Save me from who I'm supposed to be
So tell me, tell me, tell me what you want from me
I don't wanna be another social casualty

La La La La La La Da Da
La La La La La La Da Da

So save me from who I'm supposed to be
Don't wanna be a victim of authority
I'll always be a part of the minority
Save me from who I'm supposed to be
So tell me, tell me, tell me what you want from me
I don't wanna be another social casualty!
La La La La La La Da Da
Social casualty!
La La La La La La Da Da" He sang.

His voice is beautifully harmonious. I joined in with a few of the vocals, but he could be incredibly famous if he had a chance.

But we aren't allowed to have any chances except for things that make us smarter...

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