1. rain man

I love you

Ditto rain man

Rain man?

Imagination going wild right now, you remind me of rain


Because rain is both happy and sad

I'm not sad

It brings life to plants and yet people do not like to get wet, even though rain is life not even you walk in it if you can help it,

Shows the idiocy of the human race doesn't it? We are all to busy with ourselves to walk in life

I understand that we need sadness though

We make the rain seem sad in own heads

I don't think of rain as sad

People don't like rain

Rai is a very good judge of charterer

How so?

Because you can always tell a person likes life if they like rain

That's not entirely logical

Nothing is logical

Because the same can be applied to the sun, flowers, food...

Yes but rain is an oxymoron And another point is that a if a person likes rain they see the past fact that rain is cold and they see it's true importance, the sad people prefer the sun because they need something obviously happy to cheer them up, the sun is too simple for me

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