life* ON HOLD

desiree colored hair brown eyes like rock music
mara broen hair brown eyes and tall


5. 5

Maras pov...

 We where sitting around the bomb fire and calum comes in front olf me and says mara would u be my girlfriend I was speechless I didn't know wat to say I just said yess and hugged him.

calums pov

I was so nervous.michael told me now so I went for it and asked her to be my girlfriend she said yes I was relieved.

desires pov...

I am so happy for mara she got the boy of her dreams and I got mine. after he asked we started to dance around the bombfire sing blink 182 songs and bowling for soup nirvana and ect..

we went home and I Michael stayed the night at my house and mara went to the boys house bc calum wanted to go there.

once I unlocked the door I let Michael in first and closed hen Michael smashed his lips in to mine I didn't hesitate to kiss back jump he mumbled Into the kiss I did as told and jumped he held my butt with one arm and my back with the other and I wraped my legs around his waist we had a make out session and then with out braking are kiss he carried me up stairs to my room ( tht was the first time Michael been in  my room since where always at his house) (the room isn't complete yet) and went to my bed he laid me down and took off my shirt I took off his he took off  my braw and with one hand squeezed my boob and with the other took off my bikini bottems since we got back from the beach and I played with the hem of his jeans he grabbed a condom and he took off his boxers and his bulge sprung free befor he trusted in to me he pumped me with his two fingers. and then thrusted io me my moans came out I was creaming MICHAEL! MICHAEL FASTEERRR!! DESIREE IM CLOSE he tells me I am to on three 1 , 2 , 3 he claps on op of me and he says tht was amazing... 

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