life* ON HOLD

desiree colored hair brown eyes like rock music
mara broen hair brown eyes and tall


4. 4


 1 month later...

Desirees pov...

 its been 1 month since the boy moved in and Michael has asked me out couple of days ago. me and mara and the oys are gonna go hang out at the beach. lets go bitchacho! coming mara says. you drive hoe. fineeee but we taking ur car and waist ur gas mara says.

skip to the beach.

at the beach we had a bomb fire and Michael carried me to the water on his back Michael pt me down I screech he drops me down onto the water and I get up and splash each other after a while we go to the shore and watch the sunset.

I rest my head on Michael shore and say Michael isn't this beautiful yes it is but not as beautiful as you Michael says and then ashton took a pic of us and posted it on instagram and twitter. we went back to the others for the bomb fire just then...

Michael pov

me and the boys where getting ready for the beach we went first bc we had to run some arens and  desiree dosnt wake up till 1 or 2 depends on wat time she sleeps. we grabbed some food and drinks fire wood and calum is going to do something tht u will find out....

michaels pov on desiree

when I first met desiree I thought she was stunning but the thing is it looked like she just woke up witch I kida dig bc a girl like tht we could cuddle all da and she wont be bitching about m sleeping any ways we where sitting on are porch when two girls walked out and one was desiree duh and her best friend the one tht asked us to keep ir down b desiree was still asleep any ways I thought desiree was stunning we had so much in commen her smile is so fucken beautiful and her laugh is like no other idk but she makes me feel some type of way her friend asked us of we wanted to join for dinner we said yes and it tuns out me and desiree has a lot in commen she plays around a lot and acts her self arounds and we are into the same music I wanted to wait acouple of days to get to know desiree better so Its not so weird when I

asked her out and when I did it felt like a relief to ask her aere first kiss was when I asked her so thts made it even better she also told me she ha a thing for me when she first met me.


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