life* ON HOLD

desiree colored hair brown eyes like rock music
mara broen hair brown eyes and tall


3. 3

 ive gotten to know a lot about the boys we have a lot in commen we might be actually good friends I can tell mara has a thing for calum and calum with mara they keep staring at each other. on the other hand Michael and I have been hanging out and talking today me and mara is going over to go hang out with the boys..

skip to the boys house...

 I knocked on the door luke opened I and we hugged and said hi same to the other boys then Michael comes running out screaming DESIREEEEEEE and tackled me to the ground and hugged me. we where laughing.

we decided to play 21 questions and to get to know more about each other.


we where watching a scary movie and me and Michael decided to pull a prank on luke calum ashton and mara. we went to michaels room and grabbed one of his skeleton hand he had from Halloween and put it on lukes shoulder he he grabbed the hand and looked at it ad screamed like a little girl we turned on the lights and ever one was laughing eventually we all comed down,

Michael picked me up and though me into the pool and I pulled him in with me. the rest of the night was a blur.

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