life* ON HOLD

desiree colored hair brown eyes like rock music
mara broen hair brown eyes and tall


2. 2


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desiree,s pov...

5pm and I just woke up mara here is hungry so we are gonna go get some food. I take a quick shower head bath and get ready to get some buffalo wild wings. DESIREE LETTTS GOOOO. IM COMING I scream from up stairs. I get down stairs and we head out  ( outfits at the end) and the new neighbors are sitting outside on their front me being me antisocial didn't wanna go but then we have mara very very social. mara decides to go and ask tyem if they ant to come ith us and get to know are new neighbors. but then the colored hair boy as fine mighty fine. they said ok and introduced them selfs

 dirty blond was named ashton dark hair kiwi looking one was calum blond lip pierced one was luke and the mighty fine colored hair was Michael

skip dinner

it turns out them four where I a band 5 seconds of summer. and they like the same music as I do mara is more the charts

A/N sorry these first couple chapters are bad but its gonna get better



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