life* ON HOLD

desiree colored hair brown eyes like rock music
mara broen hair brown eyes and tall


1. 1

 desiree's pov....

 Waking up in the morning is like any other morning me sleeping I sleep till the afternoon considering I don't sleep till sunrise. except for today I woke up early to the sound of moving things around and people new neighbors.MARAAAAAA (my best friend/roommate) CAN U SEE WATS GOING ON OUTSIDEEEE. OOOKKKKKAAAAYYYY she says. THEIR NEW NEIGHBORS MOVING IN TO THE HOUSE NEXT TO US she yells from down stairs. ASK THEM TO KEEP IT DOWN IM SLEEPING. I know tht sound rude but I need my sleep maybe ill stop by when I wake uo and get ready to go food shopping. THEY SAID THEYLL TRY. I don't even reply bc im to tired for tht.

the sound gets louder so I blast Blink 182 in my room to drown the sound of ppl moving in.


  the new neighbors where actually cute but I had my eye on the kiwi looking one. I was out of my thoughts when desiree started blasting music through her room.

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