To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


2. Two

"Have a decent day at school, Andrea" My mother tells me.

She doesn't bother saying 'fun' or 'great' or 'fantastic.'

"I'll try" I nod and leave to board the bus.

Yes a lot of stories start like this, but how else am I supposed to put it?

I sit in a seat in the very back.

I bring my knees to my chest and look out of the dusty window.

"What the hell is taking so fucking long?" I whisper to myself.

I hear a laugh.

It's coming from someone in front of me.

"Do you mind?" I scoff.

"Sorry" I see a head pop over the seat out of the corner of my eye.

"K" I say and whip out my phone.

"I'm Al"

"That's nice" I scroll through my Instagram feed.

"You're kind of funny" the person says and slides into the open spot next to me.

I awkwardly shift my weight against the window.

"Uh, thanks"

"You are. I'm not lying. Anyways" he longs on.

It's obviously a boy.

"Yeah, well how exactly would you know if I was funny?"

"Because I hear you say stuff like that all the time. I always sit in front of you"

"And you all of a sudden decide to mention it to me?" I carelessly ask, still scrolling.

"Well, you seemed a bit scary at first, and it's only November, so give me a break"

"Why did I seem scary?" I huff and look at him.

He's a typical brunette with whiffed up hair and dark eyes. He's wearing a dark red hoodie.

He immediately looks down.

"Kid, I don't have all day. Why did I seem scary?"

"One, I'm not a kid. I'm a Senior you doof. And two, you always said things under your breath"

"I did just a second ago. How is that any different to make you decide to?"

"Sometimes the things you say are funny"

"And other times they...?"

"Are scary/funny"


"Gosh, what more do you want to know?"

"Everything" I glare at the side of his face.

"You just say stuff like 'I want to kill these girls' 'Fuck this school, I'll burn it down if I have to'"

I laugh.

"Why are you laughing?"

"It's funny, because you scared by that. I wasn't actually going to do any of that"

"I wasn't scared of what you said. It  made you sound like an intimidating and unapproachable girl"

I look down and become silent.

I've had plenty of people tell me that.

Mostly family members, some girls, and teachers. But never a boy.


I feel his eyes look at me.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah. I just hate myself"

"So you aren't. Wow okay. What's wrong?"

"I've had so many people tell me I'm intimidating and/or unapproachable and that I should fix it"


"My parents, other family, teachers, girls, my friend. They've all told me that"


"Yeah. It just makes it even worse because"


He notices I stopped speaking.

I hadn't realized the bus had already left and was at the school.

"Well, we're here" I stand up.

"No, we have to finish this conversation"

"Maybe later" I make direct eye contact with him.

"Can I at least get your name? I've never talked to you, or had classes with you"

"Guess this is your first year here then. I'm Andrea. Goodbye Al"

He seems like a fuckboy.

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