To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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26. Twenty Six


It's been three weeks for Andrea's recovery.

She's had a few surgeries because of the sickness that added on with the overdose.

Karen and I got to see her every other day, but only rarely was she ever awake.

Today at school, they called and said that she's about to begin therapy once more.

She has to exercise her lifeless legs in case she ends up walking again.

We're dismissed from Bio and we rush to her car.

"I'm so excited to talk to that girl!" Karen says with excitement.

"Me too"

"You may be my boyfriend, but you're still allowed to show love to her! Where's the excitement?!"

She slides into the drivers seat.

"My bad. Me too!!!"

"Better, let's go" 

We finally arrive.

"Andrea's awake" Jamie says immediately when she spots us.


"Hey, guys" Andrea sleepily looks up at us.

"Hey, girly!" Karen walks to her.

She gives her a gentle hug.

I walk over and give her one too.

"I want to sleep, but I don't" she giggles.

I laugh.

"Well you, missy, have to do your therapy. So you two can go get dinner and come back if you'd like"

"Yeah, it's boring" Andrea butts in.

"I'll get food. Allen, you stay" Karen hugs me and leaves.

"Well, can you carry her to the therapy room? I'll be there in a minute"

I nod and carefully pick Andrea up and walk to the room.

"Alright, sweetie, we're going to lift you calves. We'll add ankle weights" Jamie walks and grabs them.

She lets me slide them onto Andrea's ankles.

"Alright" Jamie grabs just above her ankle, "I'm going to lift them for you, but if you feel anything, put some effort in, but tell me first"

She nods and Jamie lifts her leg a few times.

"Okay, now for the thigh area"

After more exercises, it's time to attempt to walk.

"She hasn't felt anything this whole time, so I doubt she will be able to" Jamie states nicely.

"Allen, stand there. Andrea, here" 

She has a walker to lean against.

Jamie walks to a desk and write on a clipboard.

"Okay, Andrea, it's okay if..."

She's walking. Barely.

She gets closer and closer by the second.

I'm too shocked to move.

"J-Jamie look!"

Jamie's eyes nearly pop out of her head at the sight of Andrea's frail body making itself across the room.

She makes it to me.

I pick her up in the largest hug.

"I did it!"

"I'm sososososososo proud of you" I hold her up and look at her face.

She smiles.

"It's nice to be eye-to-eye instead of me looking down at you while you're asleep"

I kiss her head.


I'll admit that I am extremely proud of my improvement.

"I love you, Andrea"

"I love you, Allen!" I hug him again.

Karen walks in with the food.

"How'd it go? Seems like it went well" she smiles.

"She walked!" Allen rushes to her and tells her the 'huge story.'

"I'm so happy for you!" She hugs me after I sit down.


Jamie puts Andrea to bed so Karen and I leave.

She drops me off at my house and goes back to hers.

"Hey, mom" I see her in the foyer.

"Hi" she scoffs because she's on the phone.

I say and run up to my room.

I call Jamie. (Yes, she gave me her number in case I wanted to check on Andrea)

"Hey, Allen"

"How's Andrea doing?" I ask.

"She's awake, but she hasn't said much"

"Is she sad or something?"

"I don't know, she won't talk to me"

"Well, crap" I try not to cuss at Jamie.

Why the hell would Andrea not be talking?


"Can you put her on the phone for me"


"Hello?" I hear her sweet voice.

"Hey, why haven't you been talking?"

"I'm fine"

"I didn't ask if you were, why aren't you talking???"

"I...I can't tell you. I don't want you to be mad at me, and plus I'll sound like a liar"

I hear her sigh sadly.

"Andrea, you need to tell me, because whatever it is, I can fix it"


I can't tell Allen that Karen called me

She wasn't mean, but she's mad at me.

She heard me tell Allen "I love you, Allen!"

She doesn't believe that he said it first because I didn't say "too"



"Did anyone else call to talk to you?" He asks.

"N-no- maybe"


"Nobody" I hang up quickly.


Now I'm pissed off.


She told me to never say it again, but what if he says it first again?

I can't be terrible and not say anything back.




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