To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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27. Twenty Seven


I lay in the bed.

Allen is coming to visit but I don't know if Karen is.

I'm not mad at her at all.

I guess I would be mad too if another girl said 'I love you' to my boyfriend.

"Andrea, you have visitors" Jamie walks in.

"Thanks, Jamie. They can come in"

Allen and Karen walk in.

She smirks at me.

I don't know how to respond so I awkwardly wave at her.

"Andreaaa!" She longs on, "Hey how are you doing?"

I sigh.

"I'm doing okay. I'm still extremely tired"

"It's okay! You'll get better soon" she smiles.

"Someone's extra vibrant to see her" Jamie sarcastically says and leaves with her clipboard.

I told her what Karen called about.

It is Jamie's phone anyways, so she deserves to know.

She was really pissed but she promised not to tell Allen"

"Hey! How's my favorite-"

Karen glares at him.

"How's my...girl?" He turns back to me.

I try to quickly smear a smile across my face.

"I'm okay" I lie.

Karen just despises me and I know it.

But I think jealousy is messing with her, and I understand.

So I'll let it go.

Honestly, I hate people who break up the relationships to take the partner, so I won't be a hypocrite and turn around to do the same thing.

"We were just about to stop for a lunch date, but if you want-"

I know he feels her eyes burning a hole in the back of his head.

"It's okay. You two go have your date. I'm not very hungry"

"Well you don't have to eat..." he insists.

She looks appalled.

"Um, I'm not allowed to leave the hospital right now...? And I'm really weak" I say the last part quickly.

Jamie said I am allowed to leave, but I don't want to intrude on their date.

Yes, I was invited, but not by Karen. I know she doesn't want me to come and I respect that.

"Okay...I'll see you later" he walks over to me.

Karen grabs his hand.

He high fives me.

He mouths to me.

"I'll come back alone"

I nod and they disappear.

I hadn't noticed that Jamie had walked back in.

"That was pathetic and low of her" she clicks her pen and writes on the clipboard.

"Jamie, she's just a little jealous. And it's okay"

"Whatever you say. By the way, Karen has a family reunion to go to after lunch, so he will be coming back alone"

"I knew he was coming back" I state.

She hands me a cup of ice.

I can't have any food because I have to take an MRI tomorrow.

I crunch on the ice.


"I'm sorry, it's just, I kind of wanted this to be a date. I know she's stuck in there all the time, but you know she can't leave anyways. She can't tag along all the time. Especially when we get more serious"

"I know" 

"So, just please stop inviting her 24/7?"




"Yes dear?" She walks in with a smile.

"I need more ice!!!"

"Your teeth will crack" she sighs and walks away.

I hear a knock.

I see Allen walk in.

"Allen?" I sit up a little.

"Hey" he says quietly and walks over to me.

"Hi" I smile back.

"How's my girl doing?"

I smile more.

"I'm doing okay"

"Who called you earlier?" He crawls into the bed t sit with me.


"You stutter when you lie" he lightly holds my hand.


I want Andrea to tell me who called her and made her so sad.

"Andrea, do you want to go home today? You'll have to come back at 7:00 for your MRI" Jamie says.

"After the MRI, would I be able to stay at home?"

"We'll see after the scan" she smiles and waves to me before exiting.

"Let's get out of here!" I smile big at her.

Her happy face changes to excited.

"Check me out!"

After I check this little goofball out, I drive her around.

"So where to? Do you really want to go straight to your house?"

"Psh no! Let's go to the grocery store and buy some drinks. I can't have any foods"

"I'll buy you some ginger ale" I smile and pull up at the grocery store.


I get a shopping cart from the cart rack and pull it to the passenger side. 

I gather her small body into my arms and place her into the large part of the cart.

"Into the store we shall go!" She points to the entrance.

I push her into the store.


I run to the drink aisle.

She reaches over and grabs two 2 liter bottles of ginger ale.

I do the same with Dr.Pepper.

"I need to pee" she looks up at me like a puppy.

"I'll push you over to the restrooms"

I do so.

I help her out.

"Jamie says to practice walking alone. So I'll do it alone"

She walks slowly into the bathroom.

I wait outside.


After I use the toilet, I hear a familiar voice.

I look through the crack of the door to the stall.

I see two women talking. One a teen though.

"Yeah, she's just always around. But Allen promised me not to invite her anymore"

She turns on the sink.

It's Karen.

She keeps talking. And talking. I need to leave.She can't leave first or she'll see Allen.

I flip the hoodie Allen lended me over my head.

I cover my face and quietly unlock the door.

I slide out but slip.

"Hey, you okay?" Karen asks.

I try to change my voice.

"Fabulous" I slowly stand up and rush out.


"Andrea?" I see her rushing out.

"Pay for the drinks. Hurry hurry hurry!"

After I do we drive back to her house.

"Andrea, what happened in the bathroom?"

"Karen was in there"

"So? Why are you scared of her?"

"I-I'm not"

"Yes you are- Wait...you don't know she didn't want you coming on our dates anymore...So she must've been the one who called you!"


"And by the way, I'm not, not going to ever stop inviting you"

"In the bathroom she said you promised her you wouldn't"

"She lied. Andrea, what did she tell you over the phone?"

"Sh-she told me that she heard me say I love you after I walked again. She thought I said it first, meaning she never heard you say it. So she wouldn't be pissed at you because she'd believe you're faithful, which you are, because she never heard you say it to me. But she asked me not to say it ever again but I was worried if you ever said it, and I couldn't say it back, you'd be mad or sad"

She let it all flow out.

Poor thing.


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