To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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21. Twenty One


"You have therapy in an hour" my mom says.

I finish eating a piece of bacon.

"I-I know" I sigh.

"Do you need a ride? I'll call my work and-"

"Mom, I'll drive myself"


She kisses my head rushes out of the door.

I can't bare my thoughts.

I crawl upstairs. I haven't been able to walk since yesterday.

I left the rack in my room, but not for too long.

I left the tube inside of my arm though.

I sit in the wheelchair that's at the top of the stairs.

I wheel myself to my room and hook up the saline bag to my arm.

After I get dressed, I wheel myself to the top of the stairs.

I sigh and then get out of the chair.

I push it down the stairs.

It ends with a thump.

But I need to use it and that's the only way to get downstairs.

I drag myself and the rack down the stairs.

After the struggle of going outside to my car, and the horrible traffic, I arrive at the hospital.

I wheel myself inside.

I immediately see my old nurse.

Here name is Jamie.

"Hi, Jamie!" I put on a smile as best as possible.

"Your mom called me about your problem. If you want to take it slow, you can"


She pushes me to the therapy room.

"I understand that you can't walk at the moment"


"Andrea, why did you walk out?"

"I didn't care if I died or injured myself worse"

"You really care about him a lot don't you?" She asks.

I look at my basically lifeless feet.

"Maybe a little...But he doesn't believe me. Anyways, I can't let him tear me down. Let's try this"

She nods.

I attempt to stand up but I collapse.


Her face is full of shock.

That's the last I remember.

I wake up in a hospital bed.

There's other tubes attached to me, including the same saline one.

I see Jamie talking to a doctor.

I see my mom rush in.

She's already in tears.

She cries more.

She opens the door.


"M-Mom? What happened?"


"Andrea" Jamie walks in, "somethings been affected your body. It's some kind of sickness, and that's what also affected your appendix. No one quite has a name for this, but there is a cure"

"W-What do you mean affected my body?" I ask worriedly.

"You are..."


I'm in my Chemistry class with Karen.

"Therefore, you would have to have therapy" the teacher says.


"Shit, Andrea has therapy today"

"Allen, I'm sure she's fine" Karen smiles at me.

"I don't know. Hopefully"

She grabs my hand.

She's officially my girlfriend again.

After school we arrive at her house.

Her aunt is home.

"Why are you back so soon?" Karen asks.

"Oh, the hospital called me at work"

"So?" She says.

"It was Andrea's mom"

My heart drops.

The aunts face is sad.

"Did she die?" Karen all of a sudden cares.

"She could have...But no"

I can't feel anything.

My emotions are numb.

"S-So what h-happened to her?" I ask.

"She has a sickness, and it's affecting parts of her body. That's why her appendix bursted"

I breath in shakily.

"Is she going to be okay?"

"She's paralyzed" she states.

"What?!" I shout.

"Allen" she steadies me, "there's a cure for this sickness, but the possibility for her being able to walk from the waist down again is a low chance" she says.

Karen barely cares.

"Oh my God" I slowly say.


"I can't be paralyzed mom!" I cried loudly.

She rushed over and hugged me.

That's the last I remember before I broke into a hysterical fit.

I start throwing things and screaming.

That's one thing I can't afford to lose.

I need to walk.

I'm now staring at the ceiling.

Jamie walks in.

"We need you to stay here a while. I'll be watching over you. Here's your meds. Take this each morning and night"

She hands me two blue, one red, and three orange gel pills.

"Don't take them all at once. One by one" she states.

"O-Okay" I look at them in my hand.

I start crying again.

This is the worst thing ever.


"Her mom is letting me visit. If you two wanna come, you can. But you may not be able to see her"

"I'll go" I sigh.

"Me too" Karen links my arm with hers.

We arrive at the hospital.

"We're here for Andrea-Marie Claire Helen" her aunt tells the woman at the front desk.

"She's room 305B but her nurse is in the waiting room. I think you should speak with her first"

She nods and we search for the waiting room.


The same nurse from before turns around.

"Hello. I remember you, Al. Who are you two?" She puts on a smile.

"Andrea's mom said that my girlfriend's aunt could visit" I say.

"Her mom is this way"

She leads up a series of levels on the elevator.

When we arrive on her floor we look for her room.

I immediately spot Andrea's mom looking through a window.

My eyes focus on what's inside.

It's Andrea.

She's balling. She is screaming most likely from the way her mouth is open.

She looks like she's dead.

"Magen?" Her moms sees Karen's aunt.

They hug.

"I'm so sorry this happened Anne"

"I know" her eyes spot me. "Allen...Do you want to see her?"

"I...I think she hates me"

"Go" her mom says.

I huff.


Jamie unlocks the door and lets me in.

"Andrea...?" I say.


My sobbing stops when I hear him.

I look over at him. He's awkwardly standing there.

"What are you doing here?" I ask rudely.

"I-I heard about you, and-"

I see Karen outside of the window.

He notices me looking at her.

"Why is she here? Better yet, why are you?"

"Because I care"

"You care? You care? Yeah, you all of a sudden care? I thinks too little too late for you"


"Stop trying! First you tell me I'm basically an attention seeker, second you tell me I'm wanted nowhere, and then all of a sudden when I'm hurting and need someone the most, you actually show up? At the worst time!" 

He looks sad.

"Andrea, I'm sorry okay?!"

"Sorry? Sorry...? That's the best you've got? Look, I have nothing  to apologize for"


"Allen, you need to leave. She needs her sleep"

I nod and walk out.

"C-Can I see her later?" I ask.

"Maybe, I don't know"

I look back and see her.

She starts shaking and tears flood.

My heart shatters at that point.

I begin to cry.

She's right. She has nothing to be sorry about.

I do.


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