To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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29. Twenty Nine


If Andrea's so scared of what Karen will do, maybe she's bad news.

But then again, she loves me a lot, and though her and Andrea may have little bumps, she wouldn't hurt her. Ever.

But I don't know.

"Oh so Allen, I wanted to still talk to you" Andrea says.

"What is it-" Karen calls me.


"It's Karen"

"Go ahead" I nod slowly.

He walks out.

I start crying.

"Andrea?" Jamie walks in.


"What's wrong babe?" She sits next to me.

"I wasted my first kiss..."

"Andrea, he doesn't love you in a relationship way, so it doesn't count. But you will find someone and then your first kiss will be real"

"Thanks, Jamie" I smile at her.

"Do you need anything?"

"Bathroom. Should I walk?"

"Sure, exercise. Go to the one down the hall a little ways" she suggests.

"Good idea" I smile and slowly get up.

I make my way to the hall. Allen is on the phone.

He's about to speak but I hold my hand up and keep walking.

"Ugh, this is so tiring" I get on my knees and rest.

Allen almost walks over but stops himself.

He's still on the phone.

"Hey, let me help you" I feel someone grab me from behind.

I'm slowly lifted and I turn to see a very handsome nurse.

He looks really really young.

But I can't move past his dark green eyes that compliment his quiffed hair.

"Th-thank you" I smile a little.

"You're welcome. Where you headed to?"

"Oh, this amazing, tough journey to the magical bathroom" I wiggle my fingers at him.

He laughs. So do I.

"I love to see people smile. Let's go" he begins to walk.

"I'm Andrea" I stop.

He does too.

"Colin" he smiles big.

"I like that name" I smile.

"So, Andrea, I see you here all the time. Why are you always here?"

"I-I...tried to take my life, and I had this sickness that made me paralyzed but I recently was able to walk again"

"Andrea, you're just too beautiful and young to go so soon"

I blush a little.

"And you're awful young, yes?"

"Seventeen, almost eighteen, you?"

"Nineteen. I graduated high school early so I could get to college, and I recently became and official nurse" he excitedly shows me his name tag.

I smile.

"Awe, that is so cute. Congratulations!"

"Thank you! Back to the point, I want you to be my friend here. I've got all these old lady friends"

"I would love to" I can't stop smiling.

He smiles more and places his hand on my back and leads me to the bathroom.


I see Andrea with some guy.

He helped her up because I didn't.

Karen was arguing because she knew it was Andrea in the bathroom.

She recognized the hoodie I got from San Francisco that she was wearing.

I got a little sad I didn't help Andrea and that guy got to her first.

I let her down.

He's waiting outside the door for her.

She comes out and he lifts her onto his back.

He walks past me with her on his back.

They go back into the room.


"You got the cool nurse, huh?" Colin laughs when he sees Jamie.

"Colin, I'll break you"

"Sorry. Sorry"

"Oh, sweet Andrea, this is my cousin, Colin"

"I know who he is, but cool" I smile.

"Watch her for me? They cancelled the MRI because her CAT scan results came back and she seems to be fine. We'll test her next Friday"

"So where you going?"

"Dinner. You guys can come, or do something else"

She leaves.

Colin turns to me.

"Let's go out"

"Where? Why?"

"Anywhere. And as a date, if you'd like"

I smile.

"I would love to"

He escorts me from the room.

"Where are you going?" Allen asks.

"On a date!" I smile and Colin carries me out



What the fuck just happened? Like what?


I'm going to be real, the moment I saw this girl when she was rushed in, I was hoping she'd be okay. She's just so beautiful and here she is, partying it up in my car. This sweet, fun ball of life was so sad to nearly take her life? I want to make sure that never happens again.

"Baby you're a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down, and cruiseeeee!!!" She sings loudly.

We both love country.

I laugh at her.

"Colin! Where are we going to go?!" She looks at me with a huge smile.



I drive to the movies and help her out.

"What would you like to see?" I wrap my arm around her so she won't stumble.

"W-Well, we could see the Gallows" she smirks.

"God, that looked so scary but awesome. Let's do it" I help her to the ticket booth.

He hands us the tickets.

I need to kind of let her know I want her to be mine.

I don't want to lose her too soon. And I mean by another boy coming along, and the death part...Anyways.

I casually slip my hand into hers.

She grips it tight.

"This is going to be amazing" I smile.

"I know" she giggles.

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