To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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25. Twenty Five



The phone call ends.

"Holy fuck!" I shout.

"Allen, language!" I hear my maid say.

I run downstairs and grab my jacket.

I rush straight to Andrea's house as quick as possible.

I see an ambulance coming towards my way.

Instead of knocking, I burst through the door and follow the loud sobs.

I dart to her room.

There she is. Nearly lifeless.

Karen is holding her in her arms sobbing.

Ms. Helen is crying and pacing.

"Allen?" Her mom says, "Is the ambulance here?"


Before I know it, they're rushing into the room picking her up and placing her on a gurney.

They put her in the back of the ambulance and Ms. Helen climbs in the back.

"Let's go to the hospital" Karen rushes over to her car.

I follow and climb in the driver's seat.

She's too distraught to drive.

We pull up to the hospital.

"Is Andrea okay?!" Karen shouts running towards the front desk.

The lady huffs.

"The girl just rushed in? I'm not sure, but please take a seat"

Karen groans.

"I can't deal with this"

She slams herself into a chair and buries her face into her knees.

I sit next to her.

I'm in total state of shock.

Hours later, Ms. Helen walks in.


We immediately look up at her and stand up quickly.

"One at a time, but she's barely awake"

"Karen, you go"


She follows the nurse.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Well, Karen was invited over to hang out with Andrea. And Karen was running a bit late. I heard Andrea call Karen and say that she was extremely stressed out and wanted to 'die.' I didn't think anything literal of it" 

She looks sad.

"Then what?"

"Karen arrived and went into her room. I heard a heart-aching screech and I rushed in. Karen was crying and screaming while Andrea's body was sprawled all over the floor. She was pale. And there was a bottle of pain killers in her hand"

I shudder.

"I am SO sorry Ms. Helen" I hug her.

"I know I say it over and over, but you two have to stay together. She didn't tell me what happened this time between you two, but I know she'll need you by her side when she recovers"

"Your turn" Karen walks back in sniffling.

I nod and follow the nurse once more.

"I'll leave you alone, but don't move her. You can hold her hand but that's all. Thank you"

I look at my feet.

I'm afraid to look at her near dead body.

I glance up. She's sleeping.

She's extremely pale.

"This is all of my fault" I say to myself.


I faintly hear Allen. I know it's him.

"This is all of my fault. I should've taken her seriously when all those times she mentioned death. The message to me over the phone was for me. I was the cause of this. I hate myself. I put this poor girl in this terrible position. I can't believe I was so selfish"



She says my name.


"C-Come here"

I walk over and sit on the stool next to the bed.

She grabs my hand barely.

It's a weak grip.

"This..." she takes a deep breath. She can't speak fast or loud. "This...is not your fault. I know you l-left me...but I was the one who told my-myself that I wouldn't give you another ch-chance. I'm...always feeling lonely and unwanted. N-not just by y-you. E-E-Everyone. Y-You actually c-ca-ared about m-me. I-I love y-you wi-with all of my h-heart. I'm s-so sorry I did th-this. I could've put you in the position where y-you thought about h-how much you th-thought it was your f-fault, that you'd try to go so soon a-as well. I'm so s-s-s-sorry"

Tears roll down her cheeks.

"Andrea, that time I told Carley I loved you, I should've said it to your face over and over again. That would've knocked some sense into me about how much you mean to me and none of this would've happened. We would've never had our fights and difference. If you- When you're fully alive and well again, I'm not ever leaving you. Ever. Bet on it. I swear on my life that I've never been more sorry in my entire life. And I never will be"

"I-it's okay. I-I love you"

"I love you too, Andrea-Marie Claire"

She faintly smiles.

She holds my hand a little tighter.

I smile back and she soon falls asleep.

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