To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


12. Twelve


I've been downstairs watching tv in our large living room because Andrea is asleep in my room.

I begin to walk to the foyer so I can go upstairs to check on her.

Just then, there's a knock.

I open the door and Carley is standing there.

"Why are you here?"

"You weren't at school again. I know you've been missing with Andrea,  but she's sick"

"I'm taking care of  her while her moms at work"

"All week?"

"Yes. I told the school already"

"Can I come in?" She asks.


"Why not?"

"Andrea's here"

"So? She's my friend"

"It's my house" I scoff.

"God, Allen all I want is you" she grabs my hand.

I pull it away.

"Carley please stop"

"Allen" she smiles at me.


She throws herself at me and basically eats my face.


I finally push Carley off and turn.

Andrea's at the top of the stairs in one of my tshirts that I lended her.


"C-Carley what are you doing here?"

"Making sure Allen was okay" she ruffles my hair.

I smack her hand.

"Allen, she's using you"

I turn to her.


"Yeah. She's always told me her family has no money, and now she's hanging with the one guy who no one would even talk to so she could get free stuff"

I roll my eyes.

"I already know they don't have much money. But it's just her and her mom and she hasn't asked for anything except my presence"

"She told me she had a dad" she glares at Andrea.

"H-He died" Andrea says softly.

"Awe, could you not pay to feed him? Too poor to save him?" Carley laughs.

Andrea's face drops.

Her heart looks like it's been shattered.

"Andrea" I say.

"How dare you?" She slowly walks down the stairs.

"Shut up, bitch"

"Listen here you little fucker" she gets in Carley's face, "my dad died doing his job"

"Andrea" I whine. I didn't want her to get hurt.

"He was a cop you bitch! And we had money when he was alive"

Carley laughs.

"You laugh. Go ahead. But do you think Allen will take you back, especially after what you just said"

"Yeah cause it doesn't matter to him if I insult you-"

"Sorry, did he ever say he loved you?"

"N-No, but he didn't to you-"

"He told you though he loved me though"

"As a friend" she butts in.

"That was never said actually. But at least he said he loved me, unlike you"

She grabs Andrea's arm.

"Carley let go" she calmly says.

"I'll break you sweetheart"

"I don't give a fuck. Just let go"

"No" she smirks.

"Suit yourself"

Andrea knees Carley in the stomach.

Her grip is released when she falls to the ground

"Get the hell out of this house" Andrea says and turns to me.

"Did the nurse tell you?" I ask.

"Yes" she smiles and slowly walks up the stairs.


I've accomplished something on my bucket list.

Hurt Carley and not give a fly fuck while doing it.

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