To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


3. Three


"Here" I huff at my Calculus teacher.

"Okay. Andrew?"

I zone out to my thoughts.

I don't really know if I want to finish my conversation with Al.

It might be a little awkward.

"Andrea?!" I hear the teacher yell.

"Yes- Present- What?"

"This is the tenth time I've told you to stop spacing out. I've asked you to stop and you won't"

"I-I'm sorry"

"Enough of that word. Take whatever you brought to class and leave"

I roll my eyes and grab my satchel and my journal.

"I'm so tired of this" I say to myself.

I stand in the hallway awkwardly. I don't exactly know what to do.

I hear a loud bang coming from the janitor's closet.

I slowly creep towards the door.

I place my hand on the knob.

All I hear is 'Shit shit shit.'

I open the door and see the boy look up at me.



"What the hell are you doing in here? And what was that sound?"

"Oh, I'm reading. And this metal bucket" He shows me the bucket.

I laugh a little, "Reading? Reading what?"

"This" he shows me some stupid book.

"Is this the literature book?"

"Yes" he laughs, "I forgot to read tonight"

"Funny. Okay"

"What are you doing anyways?"

"I got kicked out of Calculus" I shrug at him.

"How come?"

"Spacing out. For like the tenth time" I smile at the thought of the teacher's 'pissed off face.'

"What were you thinking about?" He asks.

I remember that I was debating whether I wanted to continue our conversation from the bus or not.

But I don't.

"Nothing" I lie.

"Don't lie"

"Funny. The one person who cares to notice when I lie, is someone who I just met"

"Tell me"

"I was thinking if I wanted to finish the conversation that we had on the bus or not"

Geez I let that out quickly.

"Why don't we. Come on. Sit" he pats the spot on the floor next to him.


"So, you said 'It's worse because'"

"Oh, yeah. It's just worse that you thought that, because your a boy"


"So, a boy's never told me I was intimidating and/or unapproachable"


He's retarded.

"And a guy is the only one who will ever understand, well, his own mind and another guys's"


"So if you, a boy, thinks I'm like that, other guys probably do too"

"So?" He says again.

"Ugh. Which means most guys will find that unappealing and I'll never get a boyfriend or anything"

"What do you care?" 

"Most everyone wants to find love, you dipshit"

"Well" he stands up, "I on the other hand, do not find you unappealing. You..."

"I'm what?" I ask worriedly.

"A very attractive girl"

I smile a little.

"Is that a smile I see?"

"Yeah, so?" I scoff.

"Well, you don't smile often, so I must've made you smile. But most girls diss compliments and say 'No I'm not'"

"Why would I diss it? I never get called attractive or the least bit pretty"

He looks down at me.

"What's wrong?"

I look at the wall.


"Don't be. I just can't believe no one's ever told you that you..."

"That I'm what?! Attractive?!" I shout.

"No. That you're beautiful"

"I'm unappealing. Not to you, but you're just weird"

"Well, any other fucker is gonna be an ass to you because they think that"

 I look at my shoes. He goes on.

"But I actually think you're hilarious. Just because you cuss under your breath and have colourful hair, doesn't mean you're some evil witch"

I laugh a little.

"Seems to me, I'm all you've got. So just let it the fuck go that no guys likes you! I'm here"

I look at him.

"You bitch"

"I know" he laughs and helps me stand up.

"And I do have a friend"

"Do I accept you more than her?" He asks.

"Sadly, yes"

"Let's go"

"To class?"

"No. To my house" he smirks at me.

"You're a school skipper?" I laugh.

"Yes. All this place does is build you up so they can tear you back down. Fuck this shit"

"Now you're the kind of friend I've been looking for"

We link arms and march carelessly out of the door.

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