To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


30. Thirty


"That movie was so amazing but scary" I say getting up from the seat.

"You jumped the whole time so I would know" he smiles.

"Be quiet" I laugh.

He grabs my hand softly.

"Okay. Where else do you want to go?"

I smile at our hands.

"Somewhere else? Oh, well...my house?"

"Perfect. If no one else minds"

"My mom won't" I assure him.

He takes me to house with the directions I gave him.

"So, that guy who visits every so often, who is that?"

"My friend Allen. We fight a lot though..."


Allen seems nice, especially from all of the stuff he brought her, but if he's her friend, why does he abandon her when she needs him the most.

From the moment she says she feels alone, I would've made sure she never felt that way again.

I hate knowing she felt so alone and unwanted that she did what she did.

"Well, Andrea, I'll take care of you" I smile, "and I won't leave you"

"Thank you. By the way, my mom will be home soon if you want to meet her"

"I would love to"

After about 30 minutes her mom is home.

I meet her and we all talk for a while.

"Colin, I need to get back to the hospital" 

"Oh, right. Well, Ms. Helen" I shake her hand,"it was nice meeting you"

I take Andrew back to the hospital and put her into the bed.

"I had so much fun with you. Thanks for being there for me" she shines her bright smile at me.

I can't help but do so back.

"You're very welcome" I lean in to kiss her head, but I hesitate.

"Go ahead"

I kiss the middle of the top of her head and leave the room.


"Jamie, are they back?" 

"Yes, he just put her in her roo " she nods.


I rush to Andrea's room. 


"Hi!" She sounds more cheerful than usual.

"How was that date?" I ask.

"Really, really amazing"

"Oh, what did you want to tell me earlier?"


I don't want to tell him.

It doesn't matter, because I kind of like Colin who actually cares about my loneliness.


"Don't lie"

"Fine. I don't remember, sorry"

"Oh, okay"


I tell her goodbye and leave.

Karen's been arguing with me all day because I came to visit Andrea.

But she said don't invite her on dates.

She's acting like I have to pretend Andrea doesn't exist.

I really can't do that to her.

She means a lot to me.

Perhaps too much.

I mean, I fucking kissed her.

And I like it.

What am I saying?

I loved it...

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