To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


33. Thirty Three


Colin's about to take me home.

I'm so ready to sleep in my own bed. You have know clue.

And I'm also tired of having hospital dates with Colin.

I want to actually go somewhere with him.

"Okay, are you ready to go?" He picks up the last giant teddy bear that Allen had brought me.

"Yes" I nod.

Jamie, being required to, rolls me outside in a wheelchair.

I stand up when we get to Colin's car and climb in.

He throws the large bear in the back seat (the other two were already in his trunk) and gets into the driver's side.

He starts the car and pulls out.

"What do you want to do with those bears?" He asks, breaking the silence.

"Kill them"

He smirks.

"I know exactly what to do then"


We both agree to drop off some of her stuff at her house.

She cleans up a bit, and then I take her to my house.

I grab the two bears from the trunk, and she gets the one from the back seat.

"We'll kill each of them differently"

"I have each idea ready" she smirks.

"Dang, already? You must really want to kill them"

After a good twenty minutes of explaining, we begin the murders.

She grabs the white one.

She takes me out to the culdesac and throws it on the asphalt.

"Andrea, let's do this"

She starts screaming and stomping on it.

"Bitch bitch bitch!!!" She places her foot next to the neck and rips off an arm.

I laugh.

"God I hate you!!!" She begins to rip all of the stuffing out.

She falls on her knees, still ripping the life out of the bear.

"All you did was lie to me, and deceive me, and make me feel like I was actually wanted. You made me feel so wanted, that when you were the one being an asshole, I was the one who tried to take my life. You gave me the urge to...So fuck you!!!"

I decide to bring out the weed-eater and let her have at it.

The bear is in shreds in literally 0.2 seconds.

"Where's the brown one?" She happily turns to me.

"Up there" I run and grab it.

"You got a knife?"

"Hell yeah I do" I laugh.

Two minutes later, here we both are, stabbing the brown bear on my front lawn.

"Make a dick so I can rip it off" she glares at me.

"Okay, now I know that I won't be breaking your heart any time soon. Not that I would anyways" I smile.

I walk inside and make 'dick' from old paper towel rolls.

She tapes it between the legs with ductape. It's on there tight.

"And holy hell have I been dying to do this, if only it were him" she rips off the 'dick.'

I laugh harder than ever.

"Shit, someone's coming down this way and there's stuffing all over the road!" She shouts.

We both rush down and grab it all.

The car slowly drives by, and then turns around and pulls into a house a little ways down.


"I just saw the weirdest thing. It was like white fluffy stuff all over the culdesac. It looked like stuffing or something, so out of curiosity, I passed by my house to check it out, and two teens grabbed it too soon and darted up the driveway. There was more stuffing near the front door, but I'm not sure why"

"Two teens?" Allen asks over the phone.

"Well, maybe the boy was like nineteen? I don't know"

"Can I come over?"

"Babe, I just saw you, but sure"


I drive over to Karen's.

"Do you wanna go see if we can see what's going on at that house by the culdesac?" She asks.

"Sure, it's getting dark so we won't be visible"

She nods and changes.

We rush across the yards until we reach the one she points at.

"Shh, I hear something from the backyard" she leads me to the brown fence.

We peek over and what I see is something I didn't expect.


I started a fire and she had thrown all of the stuffing in it.

She grabs the last bear.

Perfect shape.

"R.I.P. to everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now"

She tosses the final bear into the tall flames.

She turns to me and goes on with her speech.

"Because, now, I have someone, who actually loves me"

Our lips are connected in a second and it's a little passionate.

She jumps back at a sound.

"What was that?" She whispers.



When we peeked over, I heard what she said, and I saw the bear I gave her being tossed into the flames. 

She also thinks I never cared about her.

I was in total shock of the sight of them passionately kissing.

I had taken a step back and a twig had snapped.

"Allen!" Karen whisper-shouts at me while we crouch down.

This is Colin's house.

"Let's go inside sweet girl" he says and soon the presence of them has disappeared.

I'm not angry or mad.

I deserve all of that.

I'm just really sad and disappointed in myself.

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