To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
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31. Thirty One


Allen hasn't spoken to me in a week. 

I've been going on hospital adventures with Colin.

He showed me how to work things and it's really cool.

He showed me which rooms are for what.

"Good morning!" He's sitting beside my bed.

He's done that every morning.

"Hi" I look up at him and smile.

"What would you like to do today?" 

"Can you take me to Allen's to talk to him? You can come"

"Yes, of course" he replies.

I try to clean up as best as possible and he takes me to Allen's.

He helps me to the front door.

I knock and Karen opens.


"Hi, is Allen home?" 

"He thought it might be you. Look, if you're here to wonder why he hasn't come around you, it's because he thinks you have a crush on him and it creeps him out. He said he didn't want to see you for a while until he could clear his mind"

"W-What? Can I at least tell him I don't have a crush on him?"

"Did you not hear the part about him not wanting to see you? And why, because your slutty self found a new man? Congrats" she fakely smiles.

Allen walks down the stairs and looks at me for a long time.

Karen quietly shuts the door.


She stands frozen.

She is barely an inch from the door.

"Open this fucking door and let me talk to-"

I pull her from banging on the door anymore.

I grab her face.

She breathes heavy and starts crying.

"Let me in!"

I gently hold her face tighter and speak.


She looks at me.

"They're not worth it" I brush a some loose strands of hair out of her face.

"W-Why do I let him come back to my life?! He does this so much!"

I pull her close and run my fingers through her hair.

"This is why I'm saying they- he isn't worth it. He repeats this cycle constantly sweet girl"

She looks up at me again.

"Don't do this to me also"

"I won't. I promise you" I smile.

She puts her hand on my face.

I put my hand over hers.

She smiles.

I bring her closer to me and softly kiss her.

She doesn't hesitate to do it back.

I pull away and place my forehead on hers.

She whispers.

"I just kissed you on my enemy's porch"

"I know" I whisper back.

We both laugh and I and I take her back to my car.


"Karen? Why was Andrea here?"

She turns to me and looks sad.

"Baby, she said that you need to 'get rid of your crush on her' because she has a new man and you're useless..."

"What?! She let me kiss her!!!"




"Are you ready for your MRI now?" Jamie asks.


She leads me to the room and let's me change into a nightgown.

Colin walks in and smiles.

"Hi" I say.

"It's going to be okay. It'll all go well" he grabs my hand.

I squeeze it.

"I hope so"


"You let her kiss you?!" She paces around my room.

"No, she let me kiss her" I sigh.

"Allen! How could you?! I thought you loved me!!!"

"Well maybe I love someone else more!"

"Who the fuck would you love?!" She shouts.

"Andrea-Marie Claire Helen!!!"

She flinches and begins to sob.

"K-Karen...I-I'm sorry...I didn't...mean that. I just um, was mad at myself. Look, I was mad at you and I kissed her, okay? It meant nothing to me. I just shouted I loved her because I thought you'd want me still. Karen...I'm sorry"

"It's okay" she sits next to me, "it's happened to everyone.


"I didn't work my ass off just to let you go again"

"Yeah, you didn't..."

What am I doing? 

Of course I love Andrea, but she hates me now. 

If I lose Karen, I'll have no one.

But no one is better than no Andrea.

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