To everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're all dead to me now
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015-2016


35. Thirty Five


It's been weeks since that last incident.

I lay in bed. My own bed.

My mom walks in.

With no words, she sets a glass of water on my nightstand and leaves.

I'll admit, I'm still emotional about it.

It really is hard to just let go of a part of your life that.

He took a big chunk out of my life.

But Colin's here to fill it in.

I know it.

He's been on quite a few shifts, but still manages to come every day to see me.

Even if it's at 2:00AM because of late shifts, he's there.

I hear a knock at the front door.

I hear it open (my mom opened it) but then close again.

My mom's head pokes back in my room.

"I think you want to get this one"

I slide on my kitty slippers and shuffle outside my bedroom door.

(Yes, my bedroom is still downstairs)

"I swear to heaven on earth, if it's Allen-" I say until I open the door.

It's Colin.

He has a huge bouquet of flowers. And I mean huge.

He has a small box.

"Come outside" he insists.

I step out onto the small square porch.

He puts his hoodie on my shivering body.

Even in scrubs he looks attractive.


"Yes?" I smile.

"You've had one hell of a life in this past year. You had an amazing time, but you also had a horrible time. You've been torn down, built up, torn down, and shattered. It's a literal cycle. You know, I'll be crazy to let you go like Allen did. Andrea, I love everything about you. I love your smile, I love your broken laugh that you still manage to get through your mouth. I love your hair. I love your shoes. I love your slippers. I love your clothes. I love you sarcasm. I love the fire you have when you get feisty. You're a hot mess, but hell, I'd be one without you. I'm here to help you. And love you. I'm tired of that cycle repeating. So I'm here to build you back up, and make sure you're never, and I mean never, torn down again. And by the way, I love the fight you've had. Live the life you love, and love the life you live. I love you"

I smile. It grows bigger and bigger and bigger.

"Oh, Colin" I cover my mouth and start to cry a little.

He hands me the box.

I don't open it yet.

"You know, God gave me you, because he knew I couldn't stand alone anymore"

He smiles.

"Open it. Go on"

I slowly open the box.


Like any other reaction, her face lights up.


It was as simple as could be.

It was just a small silver heart.

But it was engraved with 'You' and another little heart.

"What about me?" I take it out of the box.

"Just you. You anything. You make me complete"

I smile big.

But something doesn't feel quite right.

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